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  1. Technically, Xiaomi mi 9 lite is a variation of the cc9 (in China) just name, my latest version of MIUI is Android 10. Hi-Res still sound very soft disabling the DVC and using 192 khz, 90 khz or others
  2. I'm on the beta group, I updated the app on the play store, I tried many things I cleaned the app cache and also reset audio settings and sound on Hi-Res is still too soft
  3. Hi everyone, I have a problem with this version, well, a bug with Android 10, when I select the Hi-res output for headphones, the sound level is very soft, I have to increase the vol level the the top of I want to hear my music, even if I disabled the DVC, i'm using now a Xiaomi mi 9 lite In Android pie (9) (redmi note 7) I didn't have that problem, I'm using now audiotrack output that sounds with a normal vol level
  4. Does anybody ask fot this model? Honor 8x Emui 9.1.0 Kirin 710 Android 9 pie If you need more info just tell me
  5. Yeah , that sounds great ; an classic v2 skin
  6. I tested this beta version and it looks great, but I still prefer the old player ui... Maybe a skin to change that, and a better tag editor in the app to allow us to insert the album cover in the file, and not just in the cache memory
  7. Maybe there would be a classic v2 skin in the new version of the app
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