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  1. [UPDATE] Even after deleting both albums and reuploading to the phone just one of the two, the album cover is not loaded. A mistery to me.
  2. Problem is just in the library, once a song is played in the UI the cover shows just fine. (The folders don't contain any cover.jpg file or whatsoever, album arts are only in the songs tags)
  3. Bug still present in beta 795.
  4. Thank you Max. Now lists keep order settings and also moto display commands are working again. Great!
  5. I've added two albums with the same title in the library (but from different artists). This generates a conflict in getting the album cover art from the songs tags, which simply doesn't work.
  6. Same here. albums ordered by year turn back to be ordered by name under an artist's folder. Seems to be random. [Beta 793]
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