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  1. Can you describe what exactly you mean by attenuated playback from bluetooth? I think I have the same issue, when I connect via bluetooth, regardless of which audio output I choose the sound is very odd, it sorta sounds like the track is split into different channels and the center channel is dropped, where you barely hear the vocals. I first thought it was my bluetooth connection but when I use Google player or any other player the sound is fine via bluetooth.

  2. I usually change the album names to something simple like 'Season 1' and seeing as these are the only two shows whose complete soundtracks I have, they had the same album names up to season 5. Since I also never use the Album Artist tag it makes sense what you said about Artist tag alone.

  3. 5 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    That's an album (of other category) header, not an individual track's results. Albums do not have metadata per se, it's interpreted from all the tracks which are tagged to say they are part of that album. Think of a compilation album where each track was released in a different year, it has to pick one. Do any of the other tracks in that same album have a date of 2011?

    For your other question, Settings > Library > Lists > Headers with Meta. However you do seem to have that enabled anyway (otherwise the line with the year would not be shown). What Library Category are you using, I see the total running time in that line in Folders, Albums, Artists, and some other views - but oddly not when you drill down from Artist's name to one of their Albums, which I agree it probably should.


    I checked and all the tracks are of the same year 2006. I'm curious though if this checks album names across artists? Because when I initially loaded them the cover art was the same as Game of Thrones - Season 1 which is from 2011. So did it somehow cross reference the album of the same name even though they were different artists?


    I do have Headers with Meta enabled and the category selected is Artists.

  4. When I get home I'm going to delete the files again and change some details on the original files and recopy and hopefully it will see them correctly. 


    On another unrelated note does anyone know how to display the total time of each album?

    Like the picture I posted above where the year is listed is it possible to also display the album time? I know it shows at the artist level. 

    I would like to see it at album level as well. 

  5. I'm having issues again but this time a full rescan won't pick up the right meta data on the file name. I added new Flac files and the year is being reported incorrectly. 

    I've deleted and recopied but for some reason the wrong year is displayed for the album. 

  6. 52 minutes ago, stevecovieo said:

    i think it has something to do with the embed info on the tracks. i have nothing separated. just one music folder and what i did with selecting hide no tracks less than X sec seems to have worked


    Awesome, that worked! thanks!

    I think you're right about the embedded info, when I check the song listing the song tracks are way off, some are listed as 1 second long for some reason even though they are regular 4-5 min tracks. Not sure why the track times are all over the place.

  7. This is an amazing update and I thank you all for the hard work done on this. 

    I love that the new player now utilizes the inbuilt DAC of my phone. 

    I do have a small issue though where the player doesn't remember my sorting choice. It's a little finicky. After I change to sort by year it remembers it sometimes and other times it doesn't. Not really a major issue but just something I experience.


    Another small issue I see is kinda weird, the scanner doesn't seem to read all the songs of the same album in the same folder. If an album has 12 tracks, I can see  all of them in the file manager and if I use other music app players I see the entire album, however Poweramp just doesnt see all tracks. And it only occurs for one or two artists. I've changed several settings and even deleted the app and reinstalled but I get the same issue. I don't know if there is a cache/metadata repo somewhere that needs to be deleted to try again.

    I also retagged my mp3 files to be consistent but I still see no changes.


    In any case, just wanted to say I absolutely love this player, it's always been my favorite player and even if you charge for the upgrade I will have zero issues paying for it. Thanks again for all the work.

    Edit: Wanted to add I'm using the latest build 793.


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