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  1. It doesn't seem to detect any commnad from bluetooth, just the device. It may be related to another problem I have: PA doesn't respond eather to volume buttons to navegate from previous or next song, when screen is off.
  2. Poweramp is not responding to my bluetooth devices buttos (though it's paired, and sounds great). I have tasted it with my car stereo (which also doesn't show the song playing data), and bluettoth earbouds. I know my devices are not the problem, because other apps work fine. Any help? Poweramp Pro v3 build 316 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Android 8.1 based custom ROM (AOSP Extended)
  3. Forget my last post. I decided give another try to PA v3 and problem solved. What made me back to v2 was that I found at first the new UI a little complex for me, and I had to say good bye to the good skin I've already bough recently. It also had some bugs, specially with my bluetooth devices. Now that I tried again v3 I don't regrate! It comes much more enhanced in Audio, and it worths to get used on the new UI. Still have some troubles with bluetooth, but I hope they soon will be solved.
  4. Hello. I'm using Poweramp v2 (I didn't like v3), and I got the "libpampffmpeg.so: text relocations" problem too, as you can see in the image I'm enclosing. I have installed the helper (thank you!), but it has a strange behavor showing both the original notification and the new one. Am I doing something wrong?... The error pop-up note is still appearing every time I start Poweramp. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Oreo 8.1based custom ROM (AospExtended)
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