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  1. version 870 play bug notification disappears when audio focus changes
  2. Build#868004 The notification disappears when i open a game-pubg mobile to be specific. The audio would always stop in previous versions but the notification stayed. Poweramp is still running though. When i try to play a song by pressing on the file and select Poweramp, pa opens but does not play my selected file. It doesnt change from what was previously played. This doesnt happen with other music players. This has been happening with Poweramp for a while now, but it wasnt always like that.
  3. Build 829 closes immediately after opening. I tried uninstall/reinstall Poweramp and unlocker from google playstore but it didn't help. I just replaced my phone and had an apk backup of build 828 which still works normally.
  4. I enjoy most of the visualizations, and it seems that there are new ones in each release. Do the older ones get deleted or are they still available in the app? If they are replaced, is there a way to save favorites?
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