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  1. Build 829 closes immediately after opening. I tried uninstall/reinstall Poweramp and unlocker from google playstore but it didn't help. I just replaced my phone and had an apk backup of build 828 which still works normally.
  2. I enjoy most of the visualizations, and it seems that there are new ones in each release. Do the older ones get deleted or are they still available in the app? If they are replaced, is there a way to save favorites?
  3. I am very glad that Poweramp is being updated once again. Poweramp was my favorite-then it was Jetaudio Pro-then Poweramp alpha uni 704 (which I have used almost exclusively the last couple of years) Poweramp is are now pretty much better than any other player and very close to the sound quality of Jetaudio Pro. Please keep up the great work and make Poweramp the undisputed king of android music players that it has always (almost always for me) been.
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