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  1. Okay will try it out ☺. Thanks.
  2. Hi Max, wired headset. Thanks!
  3. Hi Max, am experiencing reduced volume on my huawei nova, even with hi res activited.
  4. Merry Christmas and happy new year Max. Thanks for all the hard work man. God bless.
  5. Which android version are you using? As far as i know, pa colourised notification is working on 8/oreo
  6. yes true that, musicolet & stellio music players do show a colourised notification, using android 7.
  7. Huawei CAN-L11 Snapdragon 625 Android 7 nougat Hi-res is present but oftenly sometimes, the audio goes quite when you pause and play, no sound comes out until you turn hi res off.
  8. Hie Max, thanks the update but am facing an issue on my Huawei Nova. When hi-res output is activated, headset/aux, most often the sound goes quite while the track is playing, when i pause and play, receive a notification or after dropping a call, its resuming but there is no sound. Deactivating hi res brings back the sound, opensl es output.
  9. My static seekbar looks quite neat & fine buddy.
  10. Offtopic: Max, any chances we will have that Android 8/Oreo like nice notification appearance on Poweramp ?. Would be really cool. Using Android 7.
  11. Hi-res on huawei nova, music sound goes quite while its playing, changing back to opensl es output, sound comes back ?. In other words hi-res is not working proper.
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