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  1. Awesome max. So thrilled to see how it looks. Any word when we can expect to see the new UI changes? Beta?
  2. Just opted in to n7 beta. The UI is just too comfortable. I was able to find songs I loved that I didn't even know I had. I have over 5000 songs on my SD card and am seriously anal about my music collection. Like I've said in previous posts I always try out other music player but always end up back with Poweramp. Well guess what.. Loved everything about the n7 beta. 10 band eq, low pass Bass knob, and above much else a simple UI that allowed me to browse my music library in bliss. Now it was the final test for N7, a head to head battle in sound quality with Poweramp. Played the sam
  3. Can't wait to play around with 703. You guys are doing great. An issue I've had with this build and actually v2 is that when I sort a list in reverse it seems to never correctly sort (If albums are sorted by date in reverse it just sorts them alphabetically in reverse) minor stuff but just thought I would shoot it your guys way
  4. Loving the side menu. Just signed up. Really love Poweramp. Going to other music players is just embarrassing. They don't compare. I have some ideas I would love to see • Artist grid? Just like the album view only with artists. • Bookmarks dropdown on the new sliding side menu? That way you could bookmark albums or artists and access it via dropdown from the side menu. • The ability to tag whole albums? Other than that I can't think of much. Just UI suggestions. The quality couldn't get much better in my opinion.
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