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  1. Seriously? Are you saying that a person has to manually go out and search for the lyric file for each and every song? Wow, that would take forever! Surely there must be an app that could automate this process?
  2. Ok, here's a stupid question but, how do I create a ".lrc" file? Does this automatically create one or do I need some other way to do this? And then the .lrc file goes into the same folder with the music?
  3. UPDATE: I fixed it! Yay! I put the SD card back in my old phone, scrutinized everything like it was a dead bug under a magnifying glass and found to my dismay that, apparently I am just too stupid to live... The playlists on my old phone were in my INTERNAL storage in a folder named, of all things, "Playlists". So I then put the SD card back in my new phone, created a "Playlists" folder in my Internal storage and copied them all there, Voila! They all came in! Thank you for trying to help me. I'm sorry that my stupidness wasted your time
  4. The playlist titles do not appear at all. I have the playlists in my music folder, not in a sub folder, just mixed in with my music. They shouldn't be corrupted, I had them on my SD card, which worked fine, until I transferred the SD card to my new phone. Like I said, Poweramp can see the music just fine, but won't see the playlists...
  5. I just bought new phone & cannot get Poweramp to import my playlists.. I have put them in my music folder, re-scanned 100 times , but it just won't pull them in. They are m3u8 files. Music folder is on SD card, it can pull the music, but not the playlists. New phone is Samsung Galaxy S10+ , Android 10, Poweramp Pro latest version Can someone please tell me how to fix this?
  6. I'm not sure if this already exists, but so many times I will have my music playing whilst being in some app and, for example. I'm not in the mood for that song, I want to hear another. Currently I have to bounce back and forth between current app & Poweramp to change track. Would be awesome to have just a small movable bubble that holds "Next track" in it without having to leave current app. Because it's the little things in life 😉
  7. Yes, it was the FPM (thank you Dev!) And apparently, m3u and m3u8 are interpreted completely different on my PC (Win 10). Maybe I don't have the right codecs installed or who knows with Windows 10? anyway, the ability to have a couple choices in which to export would be nice.. I love Poweramp and in this project, at least I found a couple new apps/programs to love. Thanks people!
  8. Good grief this has been a royal pain in the ass, but I finally figured it all out.. (and with the right apps & programs, it's not that hard) Used app called FPM to convert phone playlists to m3u format (this app is a godsend, btw), put playlists on computer, used notepad to create relative paths, and then windows media player still wouldn't open the files, VLC would open them, but there was no sound (weird), But then I stumbled across MusicBee and wow, this program is wonderful! So screw Windows Media player and VLC...MusicBee is a keeper! A note to Dev, this should not be so ha
  9. Ok, so this is one song for practice. In the exported m3u8 file it looks like this: /storage/39384230-2d42-4646-3900-020000000000/Music/Forrest Gump Main Title.mp3 In the wpl file it looks like this: <?wpl version="1.0"?> <smil> <head> <meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Windows Media Player -- 12.0.17763.678"/> <meta name="ItemCount" content="1"/> <title>forest</title> </head> <body> <seq> <media src="..\Forrest Gump Main Title.mp3"
  10. This is really confusing to me.. I exported the m3u8 playlist files to my google drive, downloaded them to computer (into playlists folder, Windows 10), but then what? VLC won't open them because A. I didn't have some of the songs on my computer yet (am syncing music right now), B. Obviously the paths are all wrong. I tried changing the path (in notepad, matching a path from a wpl file) in a playlist that has one song that is on my computer, but neither Windows Media Player or VLC would open it. So, could someone please tell me how to do this? I would really like to have my pl
  11. I have the lockscreen turned on, but it doesn't show up Well, duh me... I did not know I could do that, thanks!
  12. So, I've been with the paid version for years and I do like the new version but there's a couple of things I just cannot figure out. Firstly, before, when my screen went to sleep (or I turned it off) while listening, there would always be a widget there when I hit the power button once. I used this a lot! Now I can't find the setting to make that happen. Secondly, when I'm listening to a playlist and I want to pick a different song out of the same playlist, I have to tap the little icon bottom right with 4 little squares and that just takes me back to Library, or sometimes all songs.
  13. I would LOVE it if this had some way to integrate Lyrics!!!
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