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  1. Just noticed the file is now a flac (I originally saved it as an MP3) so you might be right about the encoding. 11. Twin Skeleton's (Hotel in NYC) (Instrumental).flac
  2. The track time for some tracks is incorrect (at 400 hours?) And the bit rate etc cannot be displayed.
  3. On occasion album art for a track will become dark, though it returns to normal once selected. Seems to happen randomly.
  4. I think it would be very useful if you could have a seekbar on the locksreen as a notification (like on the iPhones)
  5. I'm still having the same issue, Bluetooth speakers won't register as Bluetooth
  6. I've just noticed that I output 16 bit 44.1khz via Bluetooth (detected as a speaker), it used to be 48khz before.
  7. Whenever i connect to a Bluetooth device (speakers, earphones etc) Poweramp always detects this as an internal speakers and not the Bluetooth option. As a result I've never been able to use the Bluetooth hi res output. I've tried using both the OpenSL and Java outputs but both detect as a speaker. Any help welcome.
  8. Hi all My HTC U11 (8.0 stock ROM) works perfectly fine with the hi res output via the USB C and I've had no problems, but I can't seem to enable hi res via the Bluetooth. Whenever I connect to a Bluetooth device, Poweramp detects the device as a speaker (spk) and not as a Bluetooth device, so I am unable to try to use the hi res output for Bluetooth. Poweramp always ouputs 16 bit 44.1hkz to a BT device, though it does 16/48 to the phone speakers. I'm using V3 build 709. Any ideas on how to solve the problem?
  9. When i use the Dac it registers as a wired headset / aux and no matter whether i use OpenSL or Audio track output it stays at 16bit 48khz. There is no option at all for me to change to a hi res output like on the HTC 10. I also used my Sony MDR 1ADAC headphones and it again does not allow me to output hi res audio. Can you share screenshots of your actual output settings? This is what mine looks like. I tried changing the USB DAC to audio track ouput but it simply does not output It always outputs as a wired headset, despite it being an actual usb dac. (Im using the HTC USB DAC that they provide in the box)
  10. HTC U11 Android Oreo 8.0.0 stock rom supports 24/192 audio I've seen posts that state the U11 supports hi res output on the dac but is it possible to output hi res to the Usonic earphones provided?
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