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  1. Lenovo vibe k4 note Lollypop : A7010a48_S152_160302_ROW I've recently found that the Lenovo K4 Note features a Wolfson WM8281 DSP, and the codec supports 24-bit and 192 kHz output. I use Poweramp alpha player and I enabled Hi-Res Output (Lenovo Hi-Fi variant), but I found out Lenovo didn't implement 24-bit audio decoding, only 16-bit output. Basically, it has the hardware to output 24-bit, but it's disabled at software level on stock ROM. I checked audio_policy.conf in /etc folder to confirm, and indeed there is no single mention of 24-bit ouput whatsoever!!!!! audio_policy.conf
  2. 1.Lenovo vibe k4( Lenovo a7010a48) 2.a7010a48_S152_160302_ROW 3.in openes SL output option for aux Poweramp only shows 48khz sampling rate audio_policy.conf
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