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  1. I really like the look of this skin, but the main screen layout is off on my device (a Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus, Android 8.1). There is a big gap immediately below the album title, and then everything else (buttons, track counter, metadata, seekbar) is squashed together at the bottom. I've tried changing the settings but nothing seems to make any difference.
  2. Great skin - the cleanest I've yet come across. Just one complaint: when you hide the top buttons (which I like to do as I never use them), the track counter is placed over the album art, and if said art happens to be white or light blue/grey it can be very hard to see. Perhaps add a thin dark outline to the text, or else move it to above the track title (there seems to be some room there)?
  3. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional design, but on my device (Lenovo Tab 4 8 plus, Android 8.1), embedded lyrics only show in the bottom third of the screen - the rest being taken up by faded album art. If it's meant to look like this, then it seems like a waste of screen space; there are times when you might want to view more than a few lines of lyrics at a time (for example if, as in the attached example, the track has both the original Latin lyrics and an English translation).
  4. 'Visceral' and 'bloodcurdling' aren't adjectives usually associated with Anglican church music, but they're about right for Giles Swayne's unique setting of the Magnificat. I heard it yesterday at evensong in St Paul's Cathedral and was listening to this recording on repeat on the train home. Guaranteed to wake up even the doziest congregation and make them wonder when the demons got into the choir stalls.
  5. I'd like for Poweramp to return to its former behaviour of displaying lyrics and info/tags in fullscreen, rather than squashing them into the bottom third as the current version does. I have some classical albums that have embedded lyrics, translations and notes for each track, and these are much better viewed in fullscreen.
  6. Yes, that fixed it. Many thanks.
  7. Nice skin - I prefer it to the default version. Just one thing: the track counter and sample rate/bitrate info need either a background or outlines to the text, as at present they become invisible if the album art is predominantly white (see attached screenshots).
  8. Count me another vote against the boxes over the album art. It seems particularly silly to put the artist name and album title there when 99% of the time the cover art will show that anyway. Other than that, great to see that things are moving again.
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