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  1. I have the v3-build-853, Mi 8 Lite with Pixel Experience ROM installed. Poweramp is installed and working fine except for I don't have any widgets installed. Has anyone had this problem and know of a fix. Solved...turns out the app was located on Internal storage and all I had to do was to move it to external and it appeared... cheers col
  2. Ah hah!! Didn't know about that one...have enabled it so now will keep an eye on it when I can... cheers col
  3. I played several songs and moved back and forth and it remembered all them so no problem there.. Mine doesnt show the next song that will be played...is there an option to enable this in the menu somewhere? cheers col
  4. I don't think so....a song will complete and then I expect a totally different song to begin but sometimes it's the same one...don't know, maybe I will just have to wait for v3 to be released and see if the problem continues... cheers col
  5. No...after repeating a song once or a few times, it goes back to normal, it will then play several songs fine and then all of a sudden repeat one or two.... cheers col
  6. But that is the thing,...sometimes the same song does play twice...and even when I double press the button on the headphone cable (to skip the current song), and even then I have pressed multiple times and the same song has come on quite a few times... Just to note that this has only started happening recently as I have been using Poweramp for a few years and on a few different phones... cheers col
  7. I realise that but when you 88gb of music, and that is around 1233 albums of 10600 songs, I wouldn't expect to get songs repeated....I am not a maths person but the odds of getting the same song twice or a different version would be interesting... cheers col
  8. I have been finding that songs have been repeating. Sometimes it will be a studio song and then all of a sudden a different version of the same song from a different album will play next (i.e.i a live version)....this sometimes occurs multiple times, quite often it will be the exact same song....I am just wondering if it might be something to do with the phone being stuck in my pocket. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 special edition with the Nitrogen OS installed... cheers col
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