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  1. Nup, I don't have it on my phone...Android 12 with MIUI 13... cheers col
  2. Thanks for that...will have to look in another direction for a solution... cheers col
  3. Nah, its when the music is playing and the screen is off...it could have been playing several songs and then stop or just one, there is no pattern to it... I should have said that I am using the latest beta version... cheers col
  4. Going to renew this subject as I have been getting this error message since I re-installed the app. I have since tried checking every box that is recommended but am still getting the message and the audio is stopping. I have Poweramp installed on a Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 5G and this occurs when I am using it via Bluetooth either through some external speakers or earphones... cheers col
  5. Seems like an uninstall and re-install did it... cheers col
  6. Well, I have since purchased another 512Gb SDCard (and loaded it up with audio files) and I think I have discovered that the problem is with Poweramp as I installed another MP3 player on my phone and it displays and plays all of the songs without a problem... Anyone have any issues with Poweramp and the problem that I had? cheers col
  7. Well, I contacted the place that sold the card to me, Flash Trend, http://www.flashtrend.com.au, and they come back with the excuse that the card is damaged and it's not covered under warranty...what should I do, argue? I mean, I haven't stamped on the thing and I have taken care with it...it's not like I am gonna screw around with something that cost me a hundred bucks... cheers col
  8. When I check the properties of one of the files that doesn't show the album cover there is no information to show where the file is located but the corresponding file that does show the image of the album the properties display the location of the file plus all the other info... It's interesting that again, the files that show the album cover play fine but the corresponding audio file doesn't play... I have tried a full rescan a few times... cheers col
  9. Thanks for the reply...I guess it could be corrupted or a suspect card so I have contacted the shop where I purchased it (not fleabay) so will be interested to hear what they say... cheers col
  10. Gidday I don't know if the size of the card would make a difference...I had a 256gig card previously in my Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5g and changed over to a 512 (in the specs it mentions that it can handle it) to accommodate my large music library... I formatted the 512 card in the phone and transferred all of the previous audio and then more (I have 362gig on the card)...it was playing all of the music without any problem until I recently added some more and I am now getting the error message but only when I transferred the last two albums...it's interesting that the last two albums that were transferred, in the recently added list, the albums are there in double (the attached image shows what I am referring to), with one without the album image and then with the image showing...the songs where the image is showing will play when pressed but the ones that don't, won't... I have looked through the threads and have deselected the option File Access Legacy Mode... Any help appreciated... cheers col
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