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  1. I don't know if this was going to be added with the list features 790 currently lacks, therefore I think back on 704 this was somewhat useful. We could go further without it, but I think it should be a relatively quick fix and would be a nice addition. Thanks in advance and good job to Max for this beautiful update!
  2. 1. ZTE Axon 7 (A2017G) 2. Android 7.1.1 (Stock ZTE MiFavor 4.2 - A2017GV1.2.0B06) 3. AKM AK4490EN built-in DAC Edit: Although in 704 the high-res output plugin is present, variant correlated is "Snapdragon 24-bit PCM" instead of the AKM DAC. And it wouldn't go active anyways, as an error is prompted: "Failed: Poweram Hi-Res Exp Output; Using default output." Thank you!
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