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  1. My feelings bro. Just look at how much we are waiting for the Opus codec support. I can't believe this takes so long. Even if the developer knows that the next major version will take 2-3 times more as expected, i would rather be honest and tell this to the people.
  2. Just as a sidenote the developer of FreeAmp solved my Opus decoding need in an hour https://bitbucket.org/recoilme/freeamp/issue/27/opus-decoder I'm still waiting for Poweramp to support Opus since it's UI is still way ahead in user-friendliness than anything else on Play Shop.
  3. Still nothing I would love to stay with Poweramp but i've waited just too much for Opus decoding to happen. Common i've asked this almost two years ago. I've started looking after other players which are capable of playing Opus. GoneMad looks good but sometimes it laggs unacceptably. Reconfiguring the buffer sizes doesn't help. Also it screws up my A2DP car headunit, handling of calls gets unpredictable. VLC does play Opus but it's UI is a joke, as well as the amount of settings available. Also it's designed mainly for playing video. Does anyone knows about other players capable of pla
  4. Any news about this guys? At least say something. You've got into problems, decoders are not well optimized, something fishy... anything I'm a bit sad that 4.4 KitKat doesn't support this already from the OS.
  5. I've read somewhere (maybe on HydrogenAudio) that Rockbox now has an ARM optimized decoder for Opus. Maybe you can incorporate that into Poweramp. By the way check out the new 1.1-beta demo page: http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/opus/demo3.shtml This release improves a lot on tonal samples. I'm using 96kbps files encoded by this version on my ultrabook for daily listening and i'm very satisfied with the results. Any update by the way? A year has passed by and nothing new on this topic
  6. Thanks for supporting it in the future
  7. OPUS is a new codec from the Xiph guys who are behind the Vorbis and Theora projects. http://www.opus-codec.org/ OPUS is a low delay royalty-free open source lossy audio codec which was initially developed for telecommunication purposes but as it turned out it's very good for archiving and streaming purposes aswell. It can be used to encode music, speech and mixed content. It's actually two codecs integrated into one: CELT (the pilot codec behind OPUS) and SILK (originally used by Skype for speech encoding). It can target bitrates from 6kbps to 510kbps and has VBR and CBR modes. Tests shows th
  8. Very nice update, thank you! WavPack support is what i was waiting for. I can start converting my lossless collection to hybrid lossless format finally. I'm embedding cover art with mp3tag (APEv1 format), but Poweramp doesn't display covers from .wv files. Am i doing something wrong or Poweramp can't handle covers in this file type? Also is it normal that embedded CUE data is not recognized? I've some gapeless albums which i prefer to encode in one big file and use a CUE file. CUE is only recognized if it's available next the audio file but not inside tags.
  9. Sounds great Thank you, and please keep us informed.
  10. Any chance for this function to get implemented? I got the watch now. At least a public API for Poweramp would be nice, so other apps could controll it and listen to track change events through Intents. I think i could write a little glue app then to send data from Poweramp to OpenWatch and vica-versa.
  11. Hi, I've just purchased this amazing player. I use it nearly every day with my Galaxy S I wan't to buy a Sony Ericsson bluetooth watch in the near future (from the older MBW series) so i hope you could do something about integration with OpenWatch which already supports a massive amount of applications. You can send Android intents to OpenWatch for text display requests, see the API: http://www.smartmadsoft.com/forum/index ... &topic=151 I think this will do the job for track displays (Meridian is using this API for example) but maybe you could cooperate with smartmadsoft to do a more tig
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