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  1. the only other player i use is foobar2000, only because i need the stability and library for playing music or sfx for events/drama. i also need simplicity in case someone else uses it. not all of us can live cutting edge. but for personal, PA v3 790 FTW!!
  2. i like gestures for iu, not for music interaction. swipe left <- should go to the player screen when in lists. swipe right -> in list goes up level (like now). swipe down album art should go to current list (like now). tap album art should hide/show text. long press album art should expose advanced art selector or delete. these things should not be that accessible. option for gesture prev/next. better yet, make all gestures customizable great ui so far!
  3. 706 moto z play droid snapdragon 625 790 let me select 44.1, but im not sure if it worked.
  4. disabling all lock screen features fixed the no sound on lock.