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  1. better yet, a lock button that will prevent the reshuffle, regardless of what happens. the lock could be in list or long press shuffle on player screen. a locked shuffle would show as a red shuffle icon i think.
  2. i can confirm this behavior. once i hit the shuffle all, you can set the list to sort in the order the songs got shuffled in. be warned, shuffle seems to be very sensitive. only pause and play or swipe skip from the player screen, otherwise its anyones guess.
  3. well, this is the age of digital and i use itunes to get my music. i could use audacity to merge them, but i dont want to lose any more to compression than i have to.
  4. ok, i admit, this is far fetched so i wont be upset if it doesnt happen. but i would like to be able to link songs so they always play one after another in order, or locked together when shuffling. specifically the songs i have in mind are Amaria and Silverbird by Two Steps From Hell. these are like a part one and two and its weird to only hear half when shuffling. i would imagine theres many classical music like this. thanks for hearing me out.
  5. android 8.0 stock moto Z play buffer is set large preset no other audio enhances, musicFX disabled last.Poweramp-settings EDIT: im not going change any settings until i can get it to happen methodically.
  6. it happened once, i usually click the next song at the end, but ill let it stop itself for a while see if it still does it. both shuffle and repeat are "off/normal". i played a song in an album and let it go to the end. the last song repeated for a few seconds, then stopped. updated over 804, clear cache, restart, and full rescan as part of update process. 500 track library of itunes bought m4a with metadata and folders structure intact. opensl es, sox 16/48, aux out, no themes.
  7. the store says the app "contains ads". you might want to address that.
  8. i like the idea of blocking the ui. it seems more predicable and closed end from a code perspective. maybe a little spinning wheel or progress bar if want to be fancy.
  9. i constantly get the failed playback. never had this issue before and i have been keeping updated. - always clear data and uninstall the old apk before installing the new apk downloaded from here. - never restore settings, i comb the settings each time, making sure they are the same. - my library is simple. all downloaded and organized by itunes as m4a. - skipped over 796 since it looked like alot people had problems. last.poweramp-settings
  10. would it possible to hide the artist line? i know my music well enough, and it usually says on the art or info text.
  11. i really like these, especially the first one in the qouted post (four button bar, timer and vis in the corners). the audio bars are too spaced out, i liked the 790 spacing. the skip buttons can be on the edges of the screen where the seek bar comes in and fades out. maybe bracket looking icons.
  12. shouldnt matter where the music is. net drive, internet server, sd card, whatever. data is data.
  13. on the topic of to many config options, maybe there can be some kind of first run setup wizard to customize some of the most relevent settings. there can also be an option to reset/import settings if upgrading to prevent errors. the reason i voted for thumbs up/down is simplicity. i dont use ratings, but i didnt like the stars ui in the v2.
  14. the only other player i use is foobar2000, only because i need the stability and library for playing music or sfx for events/drama. i also need simplicity in case someone else uses it. not all of us can live cutting edge. but for personal, PA v3 790 FTW!!
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