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  1. So when aprox? Any terms/deadlines? Can I contribute somehow with doing some remote work related to new beta? Any routine... nope? By the way can you name more specific - where the google altered what exactly in Nougat ? Where exactly is the main source of obstacle?
  2. Xiaomi Mi Max 2 MIUI 8.5 Nougat Stock ROM Snapdragon 625 SoC - deffinitely has Qualcom Snapdragon's 24/192 Support according to Qualcom's Product brief pdf "Qualcomm Aqstic™ + Crystal clear VoLTE w/ Ultra HD Voice (EVS) + High fidelity music playback 24bit/192kHz + Dolby 5.1 support" BUT WE NEED IT ON NOUGAT RZTHER THAN MARSHMELLOW! There is written on audio conf that via DVC it supports 24/192. So please explain - WHAT is the problem with this damn Nougat??? Audio policy files Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Nougat Miui 8.5 Snapdragon 625.zip
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