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    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! ? but why the **** not in Settings/Visualisation??? ?
  2. please just tell me how to turn off this ..... I'm searching since weeks, but can't find it in settings, maybe because I use some incomplete translation? thx a lot! mICHael
  3. mgwerner

    album covers are not shown

    hmmm now they're shown again, but I can't turn off the stupid animation
  4. mgwerner

    album covers are not shown

    since months covers are not shown any more, neither embedded nor as extra jpg in folder. Samsung Galaxy tab S3 (SM-T 825), Android 8.0.0, Samsung experience 9.0 regards mICHael
  5. new device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Android 7, pa alpha 703 1- in library, sorted for artists: albums with album artist (like VA, various artists,..) tagged so differing from track artist, there is title shown instead of artist 2-while playing title X and looking in library/orders for another track Y, choosing info/tags and than "album art" bottom left, album art of played title X is shown - instead of title Y. sorry, no native English, if I'm not understood I'll make screenshots... regards, mike BTW german translation often showing english