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  1. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! ? but why the **** not in Settings/Visualisation??? ?
  2. please just tell me how to turn off this ..... I'm searching since weeks, but can't find it in settings, maybe because I use some incomplete translation? thx a lot! mICHael
  3. hmmm now they're shown again, but I can't turn off the stupid animation
  4. since months covers are not shown any more, neither embedded nor as extra jpg in folder. Samsung Galaxy tab S3 (SM-T 825), Android 8.0.0, Samsung experience 9.0 regards mICHael
  5. new device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Android 7, pa alpha 703 1- in library, sorted for artists: albums with album artist (like VA, various artists,..) tagged so differing from track artist, there is title shown instead of artist 2-while playing title X and looking in library/orders for another track Y, choosing info/tags and than "album art" bottom left, album art of played title X is shown - instead of title Y. sorry, no native English, if I'm not understood I'll make screenshots... regards, mike BTW german translation often showing eng
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