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  1. Disrespectful and idiot response. Shows total developer clutter. They have made a lot of money and now they do not want to do anything else. Almost 10 months without any app updates. I suggest everyone here post nothing more, do not waste time.
  2. Where is the developer? Who does not respond to requests! Must be at disney spending our money that has been paid to have at least a quick response since new releases are rare.
  3. Before the update for Android 7, the Hi-Res Output was working (24-bit 192) version 703. After an update of Android and MIUI did not work anymore. I installed version 704 and it also did not work. Only OpenSL ES output works. 1 - Redmi Note 4X (Snapdragon 625) 2 - Android 7.0 / MIUI 3 - audio_policy.conf (attached) audio_policy.conf
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