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  1. Notification works perfectly. Good job MAX! OpenSL HD became the only working output, but not so bad. XD Android Oreo seems recognize my USB DAC as wired headset. But it works.
  2. @clever_man, My device is ZUK Z2 Pro, with AEX 5.4 rooted by magisk 16.0 with Xposed Framework 90-beta3. If you want more information I would like to sand you an email instead of posting here. Just after a few hours I saw the news about v3 beta, which is posted by you. I think I can wait for v3 release and have a try. I hope v3 can really fix most of annoying bugs and we don't need this anymore. Thank you.
  3. @clever_man, I found a bug with your notification helper on Oreo. Thanks for your work! 1.When I change songs rapidly, it prompts “Poweramp notification helper has stopped working”(maybe not exactly, I am a Chinese user) 2.When this prompted, the controls still working, but the notification stop updating. (It still can switch A song to B, but the animation stopped changing.) 3.After restart the server or re-open the application, it works again. 4.Even I didn't switch songs that fast, this bug still there, but in a very low frequency. Maybe soon I won't need this a
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