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  1. Thank you Andre for you quick response! Yes I am using the same Google account, and I can find the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker in Play Store. However, it has a price tag attached. When I try to install I end up with the message box which has only one choice to continue: "Kaufen" (= purchase). I have uninstalled Poweramp app plus Unlocker from my old tablet but this doesn't change anything. Interestingly, it does seem to make a difference from which device I access Play Store (using the same Google account). On my old tablet I see the Unlocker without price tag, on the new tablet as well as on my PC it has a price tag. For other apps that I purchased (eg Sun Surveyor) I didn't had a problem to install it on my new tablet. Any idea? Is there a way to transfer the unlocker between the tablets directly? Karsten
  2. I have upgraded to a new device and have been able to transfer all of my apps except Poweramp unlocker. When visiting Play Store from my old device this is listed in the collection of my apps, using the new device it is not. Isn't there any way to unlock Poweramp without buying the unlocker a 2nd time?
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