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  1. 9 hours ago, betterstranger said:

    Hi guys, I've got one question...

    Actually is there any difference to aplha 704 in terms of sound? I've been using S7 Galaxy Exynos (Cirrus Logic DAC, android 7.0) and TBH I gave a beta with new UI a go... and I prefer by far the UI from alpha.

    Is there any difference is SQ (through DAC or any changes to EQ?) or the A-B repeat or changing the FFW/RWD seek lenght options have been added?

    Or the UI is the main difference?

    Newer builds has better sound quality the audio separation, vocal & highs are really good. I have bass heavy earphone & headphones thats why I can clearly hear the difference. To be exact Sony xb90ex & xb920 they often sound muddy if the vocals/highs aren't good enough. I've experienced same thing using sound mods as well but Poweramp V3 is out of this world idk what Max has done to it the audio quality is insane it almost sounds like my friends ath m50x with million times more bass

  2. I am experiencing some issues with the latest update of Poweramp 

    Top visualisation panel time out is not working with properly with star rating system but works fine with thumbs rating.

    I like the new animation on knobs but it makes volume adjustment difficult as I can't see % properly. I know I can use device volume rocker to adjust the volume & I already enabled PA custom volume panel but it's unreliable some time it shows up some time it doesn't

    That's why I only use the main volume knob 40% for my Sony xb90x & 57% for Sony xb920

    Here's a video related to this


  3. I use spectrum visualisation in fade control mode & I noticed the bars often goes way to high( higher than album cover) I also enable corp aspect it helps but not too much

    Is there a way to further tune visualisation bars so that it can't go higher than seek bar 

    Here's a example from stellio player


  4. If the visualisation is on & I rate any song (Star rating) the top visualisation panel timeout not working I've set it to 500ms even then it get stuck I have to touch anywhere in the screen then it behaves normally.

    Poweramp 814

  5. V2 skins is not compatible with Poweramp V3 you have use new skins made for latest version of Poweramp because the UI has been changed and new skins should be made from scratch

    You can find them in skin section of this forum

    My personal favourite is this one give it a try it's free and the most customisable skin out there


  6. 52 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    It was just an additional different UI. 

    Poweramp v3 full UI is still limited on lock screen - you can’t go too far without unlocking device or delete/edit tracks, change settings, etc.

    I guess additional limitations are possible to implement if such requests are suggested by the community.

    If you consider this in future please make it optional because I absolutely love current lockscreen the way it looks & give us full access to the now playing screen it's perfect for me

  7. On 12/8/2018 at 1:10 PM, Saket said:

    @Crunch there are some some themes available on Google play which give you a straight line seek bar instead of waveform. Search "Poweramp v3" on Google play store and you will find them. Most of them are free and have even more options to customize the UI.Screenshot_Poweramp_20181208-130158.thumb.png.a1816d726703283891661ec55dcb1fbd.png

    I am using one myself.


    You can customise your Poweramp the way you want use this skin



  8. On 12/8/2018 at 6:09 PM, Laura said:

    My device is Samsung Galaxy Core LTE with Android 4.2.2 version...what can i do for using Poweramp with my device...i try to instal the legacy v2 Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk Build 588...but is still no functional...i didn't see the menu (settings) in Poweramp..the 3 white dots....Someone can explain me,what i should do.Please.



    Open Poweramp then Long press your handset's physical menu button

  9. 10 hours ago, luce said:

    With Nova Launcher exactly the same issue ...


    This is an (ancient) known issue of Nova launcher after installing some apps/games from play store the homescreen shortcut appeared but looks similar to this nothing happens when I click to it I have to remove that icon frpm home screen manually & re-create the shortcut by adding the app from app drawer that's it.

    Note: some system apps app like Camera (CyanogenMod/google camera) also look like this when I first install nova launcher on my galaxy S3 after a clean rom flash I've to recreate those shortcut manually. Some cm theme which has dashboard built-in has same dead home screen shortcut when you first install them on nova launcher

    I don't use noa launcher any more idk if it's fixed or not

    I'm guessing that people facing issues with emui ROM because of it's launcher I assume there's no app drawer to recreate the app shortcut again just a thought correct me if I'm wrong

  10. 46 minutes ago, Nishimura said:


    It's so sad.

    But I hope that will come true!

    Thanks much!

    (My English is ng)

    Yea it's kinda sad but you can still use the first alpha V3 804 build it will support kikat & you'll get new hi res audio engine milkdrop visualisation etc.

    V3 Alpha 703/704 is as stable as v2

    Note: skin will no longer work on this version

  11. On 11/28/2018 at 2:28 AM, Andrew0 said:

    @Andrew0 How do you activate the half waveseek?

    You don't know about the half waveseek bar that means it is something unintentional or might be a visual glitch I'm not sure

    I absolutely love this design and it's not interfering with other options of the skin. It looks gorgeous with my personal gradient settings

    Please don't disable this & it also works with your latest update



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