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  1. On 7/18/2019 at 1:23 PM, Bagas Fabian Maulana said:

    I just found this "bug" that visualizer still showing at library screen. This sound ridiculous, but don't know I want this as a feature in visualizer settings. It was look beautiful.



    +1 I also have this bug & I absolutely love it this is so far the coolest bug I've ever seen

  2. 1 hour ago, maxmp said:


    @Prosenjit thanks for the report. If you can constantly reproduce it with some use case/navigation pattern, please share. Do you use Start at Library option? But it’s also not a problem to add option to keep visualization in Library.

    It is 100% reproducible on my device (Redmi note 4, MIUI 10) it happens with with built-in skins (light+dark) as well as third party skins, I don't use start at library option but yes it does need a pattern to reproduce I have to enable visualisation in Faded Control Mode otherwise it will not show in library. 

    +1 if it's possible to add visualisation in library

    Here is a short video


  3. 9 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Are you referring to the Visualisation display showing behind the Library view in your screenshot? If so, it doesn't happen for me (nor would I want it to). Could it be skin related maybe?


    Yes the visualisation showing behind the library and I captured that screenshot using Poweramp built in dark skin but it behaves similarly with third party skins too I didn't change anything related to visualisation in settings after the last update. I think something is broken in the new version at first I thought it might be a new feature LoL

  4. I am getting an error while changing third party skin options then it's re-set to Poweramp default skin.

    It's happening with two different skins made by two different developers (Retro Black skin & Luminous White) I captured the screenshot while using Luminous

    Here's is the screen shot (Please note that the error is 100% reproducible on both skins and give exact same error message)

    Luminous shows this error while accessing the song info screen almost every time & Retro Black skin give this error while changing accent colour it's easy to reproduce while visualisation is on other wise more than 10 attempt is required


  5. Hi I got this skin today and I must say this is amazing hats off to you,

    But I have two feature requests

    Is it possible to make the song title, rating & three dot menu translucent similar to the below image

    And second thing is ability to hide the app icon thank you



  6. 4 hours ago, bongobill said:

    Why stop at offering single track editing? The editing works well, surely it wouldn't take too much effort to let it tag multiple files. 

    There may well be loads of apps that can batch edit but they really aren't up to the job.

    I would really like Poweramp to take away the need to install 3rd party apps that don't do the job properly.

    Many thanks.


    I use AutoTagger app for batch editing but the app is not updated since 2018 and might not work newest android but soon Dev will release the much awaited update May be in August and it will support Real audio fingerprint scanner.


  7. I'm experiencing this for a long time and I am unable to solve this problem,

    I save lyrics using stellio pro for offline use & it's works like charm but Poweramp can't show them properly for some reason (few songs show messed up lyrics unable to read) other players (Rocket, black player etc) & many other premium players show them properly but I can't upload screenshots I uninstalled all of them because of their terrible sound quality

    Here's some screenshot of Poweramp and Stelio itself (please note that the lyrics stored in tags)




  8. Thanks for the update Max search results zooming is really good👍

    But I'm experiencing some issues after the update bass output is significantly less than the previous versions. It is quite noticeable with my Sony XB920. If I set 60% bass and 53% volume it used to rattle my jaw but now it doesn't, I'm not saying it has become super flat but the bass not powerful enough. I even tried to increase the bass @ 80% the results are the same infact it didn't increase the bass but it lowers the other frequencies & makes it super muffled.

    I use Poweramp every day I know how capable it is if there's real bass it can be felt at lowest possible volume.

    Now Poweramp feels like Boeffla sound system it produces loud and crispy music without bass.

    Restoring default in output settings didn't work clean installation didn't work but installing V830 did work.

    Device Redmi note 4, ROM MIUI 10 Latest global stable, Poweramp V832

  9. 9 hours ago, Prosenjit said:

    Please ignore my previous post reinstalling Poweramp fixed crashing.

    But still there's one 100% reproducible crash in about section


    Everything is fixed thanks Max

  10. Thanks for the update @maxmp new track animation really good.

    But after the latest update Poweramp constantly crashing specially when accessing settings if I enable/disable track animation come to now playing screen it crashed, also if I click on about section in settings it crashed as well. There are few other settings category which causes crashing like a full rescan triggered crashing but not everytime. 

    I sent you some of the crash report through email 

    Device: Redmi note 4, miui 10 (, android 7.0

  11. On 4/10/2019 at 6:58 PM, maxmp said:

    @WiGgLr thanks for the help with the investigation

    @Prosenjit if you left Poweramp playing over whole night (as I do with the battery testing, actually), it's OK it will be on top of power usage list - as it was active and other apps are not/suspended. The problem we're investigating here is unusually high cpu/battery consumption which makes device hot and is 5% or more per hour.

    Thanks for clearing my doubts👍

  12. I also noticed high battery usage on my Redmi note 4 (Miui Qualcomm version, I use Poweramp everyday for atleast 3+ hours at night, yesterday night I forgot to turn off Poweramp it plays music whole night today @ 7Am I turned off Poweramp and the battery is at 52% it was fully charged last night. I know my device is almost 2 years old but I still get 1 and a half day of battery life on my daily usage and it also includes almost 3+ hours of Poweramp session. I did not notice any heating battery drainage is definitely increased a lot.

    I already disabled of Chromecast since first time it came out, auto scanning is fine it only scans music on first launch & takes a second to complete.

    I did export my settings and did clean installation (this includes deleting the Poweramp folder in Android> data) today I'll check again report back.

    I have a request I noticed exporting settings is not complete it doesn't include reverberation settings, ratings of milk files is it possible to include them in export file

  13. 20 minutes ago, Avis_Falcon said:

    There is no reasons. Just let me know where i can find it and how to instal, without any problems? Coz i can't see "Poweramp V2" at googleMarket.

    Hi, if you are interested in new features like visualisation, new audio engine, new surround sound effects etc then you can install this last Poweramp V3 alpha build it will no longer receive any further updates so as the V2 stable builds but the alpha built is extremely stable + it has New V3 stuffs and it will run on older android ROMs. 

    Please note skin is not supported in alpha built if skin is your priority install v2 instead


  14. 2 hours ago, Sierrarohan said:

    Hello everyone, 

    I have been having this audio stuttering issue on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 since Poweramp V2. Still the issue is persistent, but I have some information that might help. I really hope I can find a fix for this issue.

    So, I use Poweramp build 823 with Xiaomi's built-in Mi Sound Enhancer (Without which the quality becomes really poor.) There is another default MusicFX application (accessible through the Poweramp MusicFX option) and I use it sometimes too. There are following scenarios when audio just stops for a split-second and then resumes, with clicking sounds:

    1) When network is switched from 4G to 3G/2G, vice versa.

    2) When the capacitive button lights are shut-off automatically.

    3) When another app is opened.

    This issue is not 100% re-producible, but it happens more often than not. Now, a user on this forum suggested tweaking the buffer size, and surprisingly it worked for me. I set the preset to Huge and the stuttering issue no longer appears. But, side-effect of this is there is a massive delay in response when volume levels are changed and another song is selected.

    I have tried disabling every other sound effect (MI Sound Enhancer and MusicFX), changing the audio output from OpenSL ES to AudioTrack or Hi-res but nothing works. I also did a complete un-install, re-install-rescan loop but it did not work either. I'm not able to figure out why this issue is happening.

    The solution is in your bug report if you want to built-in music fx disable DVC otherwise it will conflict with the audio & this is not a new thing I'm using Poweramp since 2012 I remember when I enable DVC + music fx( sound alive) on my s3 it distorted like hell.

    Now Poweramp v3 has several audio output options & DVC become more optimised and polished that's why your only hearing minor cliks/craks here and there. If you really think Xiaomi music fx is more superior than Poweramp you can use it but you have to disable DVC. 

    I use Poweramp on my Redmi note 4 uses it's hi res output + dvc & this is the best sound for me.

    I also tested each and every sound mod on my ancient galaxy S3 DVC never worked on them the only thing I remember Guitar Heroes arise sound mod which works with Poweramp v2+ DVC but it sounds like crap.

    So it's up to you if you like music fx use if without DVC.

  15. 2 hours ago, Sierrarohan said:

    Hey guys, have anyone of you found any workaround for the annoying audio stutter/skipping faced on Xiaomi handsets? I basically tried everything, setting higher priority, moving all songs to my internal storage.

    I'm using stock ROM without root on my Redmi Note 4. I have observed 2 particular instances when the stutter/skipping happens:


    1) When cellphone switches between network modes (2G/3G/4G)

    2) When another app is opened.

    It is irregular, but when it does happen, its frequent i.e. 6-7 times per 4-5 minutes.

    Which output your using? Miui version? try to increase the buffer size. Something is not right in your device im also using Redmi note 4 infact two of them and I don't have these issue I'm using default buffer size btw & it's super stable

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