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  1. @Mixified  No problem at all Sir, your skin is already feature packed the best in the market right now and most importantly u listen to your users and provide regular updates which is rare these days I'm telling this from my own experiences premium skin's, icon packs, kustom widgets/ live wallpapers do not update frequently they don't give a damn about their users.

    You are different & the amount of support you provide is remarkable.

    Your my favourite skin designer I'm 100% satisfied 🙏

  2. There's a problem specifically in Stream category if I start playing Poweramp from home screen widget and change tracks (streaming URL/playlist) at some point the widget show wrong channel info , same thing happens with the main playing screen. Suppose currently I'm listening Dance wave retro but on the player screen it's showing I'm streaming an URL. This is only happening with steaming category if I play from Playlists category and change tracks hundreds of times this will not happen.



  3. 8 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Build 857:

    • "After the current list" for Start Playing Queue option
    • -10/+10s buttons also apply to Long category
    • new Keep Aspect Ratio option
      While it tries best to keep cover aspect ratio, tall images won't properly fit some UI areas and still cropped in notifications and in the other Android UI
    • bug fixes and stability improvements
    • translations updates
      Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!

    Thanks for the update everything is fine now & new keep aspect ratio option is awesome

  4. Excellent update thanks max it's working perfectly on my mobile.

    There is a bug while listening to streaming playlist/URL if I choose to see the info tag it crashes instantly. Also if i try to mail you after crashing from Poweramp it generates empty mail with no log in it

  5. On 12/26/2019 at 3:04 PM, Mixified said:

    I'm sorry guys for the delay of my reply.

    To be honest, I'm preparing for my wedding to be held on December 29th 😄, so I am very busy at the moment. And I want to let you know if in January or February (I'm not sure) there will be a new skin to be released. The skin is very different from the previous. Actually I also have the desire to merge Aurora, Luminous and Luminous Black into one skin, because at the beginning of development, I have not been able to combine white and black skin. But i'm still not sure to do it

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

    Congratulations wish you a very happy married life

  6. 4 hours ago, GanstaKingofSA said:

    XDA Equalizer for comparison or usage instead. This is a estimate of the original preset, not the actual one basef on the screenshots. 


    Sorry but please upload screen shot if possible max introduced dB values long ago I don't want mess with my settings also if you have any reverberation set-up please share as well thanks

  7. You can use a proper tag editor on PC  like tag scanner or if you are interested in android app i suggest Autotagger app it supports many features I'm using it for many years to be honest the only app i found which accurately recognise Indian music from 90s

    The app is free but need 2 separate purchase to use advanced features

  8. 6 hours ago, Mountain Man said:

    I'm curious if this feature would have any benefits over simply setting a fixed frequency.

    I'm not a big audio known person my library is small and only contains CD rip mp3s from 90s and few other digital sources like play store Bandcamp etc

    I noticed 1 one thing that if I set maxed out put 24bit 192khz + dvc it sounds way better than 16bit 48khz + dvc it feels like kinda similar to old Poweramp V2 sound quality. I'm not saying it's bad but no where near to hi res output it's less powerful less punchy less enjoyable

    Poweramps hi res out put is loud crisp and the bass is too good overall it sounds great even better than soundmods

    Im not an audiophile i can't hear extraterrestrial sounds or frequencies but i can easily recognise which sounds better or which one is best. People will disagree with me but I don't feel any difference between mp3s vs FLAC ( if they were properly ripped or the source is genuine) to me FLAC is waste of space i can say one thing for sure play store copies are better than some of my cd rips i don't know why but they sound really good

  9. It was happening while using whatsapp or Firefox but now I tried hard to reproduce this it was gone luckily manage to repeat it using Chrome browser

    Here's a video it's a trime video actual recording was long and Poweramp show no abnormalities


  10. I've tested built in Miui & play music don't have any problem as i mentioned but stellio player also has this problem i only notice this once last night, i also tested gom, jet audio rocket player they all run in background perfectly and these music players didn't have full permission granted & apps powersaving was set to balance (recommend)

  11. 43 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    When PA is force-closed, you should get an offer to send a crash report to Support when you next run it.


    Exactly Poweramp does give a report when it was killed in background but after updating to Miui 11 Poweramp not giving this report anymore when it killed in background for some reason.

    But if I launch Poweramp & intentionally cleared the ram Poweramp does give that report on next run.

  12. 9 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Check that Poweramp is excluded from the list of apps that your device is allowed to stop for power-saving purposes.


    Thanks for the quick response but I never use power saving mode my phone has a excellent battery life but if you asked about apps power saving Poweramp has no restriction you can see it in the screen shot. I don't have any other music players because I uninstalled all of them tonight I'll install some of them for testing like rocket player black player jet & gom audio plus and will report back

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