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  1. 3 hours ago, tdas777 said:

    Yes, I tried one. But the thing is, if I use 3re party skin, I'll loose the color accent on volume and other knobs, which is very cool looking.


    Yes a toggle would be damn good.

    Both Liv skins (White/Dark) has 3 colour accent options to choose from settings it's up to you



  2. 2 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    @Prosenjit The recent poster was asking about finding online content that they have downloaded to their device, not streaming music per se. 


    Oh sorry my fault didn't notice it, music downloaded from ytm is encrypted & can't play as MP3 I don't use ytm but I have Hungama & Jio Saavn premium they download songs in an unknown file format. But there's a catch if I use built-in mi music player on my device with same hungama account I can rename the downloaded file to .MP3 this way I can play them in Poweramp but the quality is avarage only 128kbps MP3 & some of the songs are not even skipable

  3. On 10/16/2020 at 12:32 AM, Sinner43 said:

    Dont understand think waste of time and money


    The easiest way I can suggest is to build your own App, because Poweramp never ever advertise/promoted it self as a online music player neither it claimed to stream music from Ytm/Spotify or any other streaming platforms. Not in their Google Play Store Description nor in their own Website so my question is to you from where did you get to know that Poweramp can steam music from those streaming services???? Stop being ignorant dude.

    If you are curious and wanted to know how to stream internet radio stations on Poweramp then I can help 

    You can google search internet radio stations there are hundreds of thousands of them if not million freely available on www.internet-radio.com, shoutcast, icecast, fmstream.org etc etc

    You have to select your favourite genre of music & have to download the playlist file in .pls/.m3u8 formats or just copy paste the URL that's it.

  4. 1 hour ago, tdas777 said:


    I would like to set all album art appear as square without rounded edges in all views: Library/Playlist/Now playing etc.

    Is it possible now? Is there any setting/tweak for that?

    You have use third party skins designed for Poweramp V3, there's plenty of them on play store free as well as paid one. My suggestion would be Live Dark if you are looking for a paid skin, the same dev also has a free skin with limited features called Improved Poweramp skin

  5. 2 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I see the same. Tested with the Psyndora Psytrance feed above, and once I managed to work out when the music had actually changed to a new track 😉 I found that the song details in the main player screen updated, along with the title text in the Playlists Category, the status-bar notification, and all widgets. However the mini-player only displayed the first song details, and went blank for all subsequent track changes (still showing the artwork though).

    However after force-closing PA, it started to work again and the miniplayer updated for at least 5+ track changes before breaking again. [Well, I assume there were new tracks - the title & artist wording changed anyway, but otherwise hard to tell... Just not my kind of genre I guess :) ] 


    I agree with you the problem is minor & hard to notice but present since the beginning. Thanks for your reply appreciate it

  6. Poweramp v905

    Device Redmi Note 4, Android 7 stock miui 11


    It's not related to any specific radio station if I launch Poweramp & start playing any radio station from Poweramp playlist/streams category it shows proper song info on the mini plyer but the moment the current song ends Poweramp completely stopped updating mini plyer.

    But I see all the info on now playing screen & lockscreen/notification panel.

    I'll upload.pls file as well

    1 hour ago, maxmp said:

    What is the Poweramp build? Could you please share the stream m3u/url for tests? Thanks!


    dance.ogg.pls Psyndora Psytrance.pls retrodance.ogg.pls RDMIX ITALO DISCO 80S.pls

  7. When I stream radio stations Poweramp accurately shows song information on mini player but when the track changes Poweramp stop updating mini player.

    I can see proper info on now playing screen & lock screen widget but not in mini player.

    Is this a bug?

    I'm experiencing this since internet streaming came out in which beta don't remember exactly


  8. 1 hour ago, monkeybutt said:

    aww, is this skin no longer maintained?

    On 3/8/2021 at 8:23 PM, PwrUsr said:

    I figured out that the icon for the category Years is missing in the library. Can you please add it?

    I also figured out that some category icons missing in Retro Black skin as well (Years, Streams & Bookmark) I mailed him almost year ago still haven't received any response from him. There's also a serious bug in Accent color selection which trigger instant crash & makes Poweramp unusable

    I think he abandoned the skin 

  9. 5 hours ago, Someguyonline said:

    It works fine with some skins (i.e Liv Dark) and on some skins it doesn't (i.e Aurora). 

    I know it work on Liv Dark & didn't work on luminous skin I'm talking about built-in Poweramp skin (Light) specifically have this issue

  10. Thanks for the update Max🙏

    After using it for a while I found two issues New rounded spectrum option for Eq screen is not working I can select all the given options but disable & classic only these two are working even if I set rounded it shows the old classic one on the eq screen. (I applied both light and dark built-in skins before testing)

    2. Another problem is everytime I quit Poweramp & launch it again it trigger Full Rescan every single time, is this behaviour normal? 

    I am asking this because it takes time to fully rescan the entire library 2500-3000 songs approximately

    Device: Redmi note 4

    Android 7 stock miui 11

    Please note: I reinstalled Poweramp without importing settings & I realised visualisation bug on EQ screen only present in built-in white skin & it's working on dark skin

    Full Rescan everytime is still there

  11. 10 hours ago, hhasert said:

    The thing is, the headphones must be measured by a lab to calculate the EQ profile. I do not see yours in the list of tested devices. If you can find a good measurement of it, you could calculate it yourself using AutoEq (or ask the author of the tooling to include it), but the author of that can only base his work on the labs like rtings, oratory etc.

    You can try another mdr headphone with comparable specs to see if you like it, but apart from the excessive base Sony loves there might be some things to tweak here and there. The beauty of the Neutron Approach is that you can define your own preset based on a comparable one and use it the same as a AutoEQ pre-defined one. 

    To be honest, Poweramp is a lot easier to operate than Neutron, which currently has better equaliser options for those that want to squeeze everything out of their equipment. That is why I proposed to add AutoEQ settings to Poweramp for those fortunate enough to own a headphone in the measured list without going through the hassle of setting everything manually. On Neutron I was able to set my headphone profile before the update by editting the xml file with settings, not something I see the average user execute with confidence (although it is not that hard if you have some experience with Android).  

    I agree I'm not an audiophile or big audio known person and to be honest I'm not that great at tweaking advance equalisers. That's why I asked if I missed something because The Earphones/headphones I own doesn't need that much of efforts to get the best sound. Neutron is still the same garbage that I have bought years ago on my S3 only capable of producing distorted high frequencies lol. I'm just an average listener If anything sounds close to my good old Sony mini hi-fi shelf system then I'm satisfied. Which was easy to achieve in the past with sound mods even Poweramp V2 was capable enough. After introduction of Poweramp v3 alpha I completely rely on Poweramp because it is more capable than audio mods & everything without having root/custom roms I hate buggy & broken roms/mods

    Currently I only use xb 920 as my daily driver which is not listed but I also have twinwoofers, Sony xb 90ex will test them later

    If results are not satisfying I'm gonna uninstall this from my phone

    Anyway thanks for your reply appreciate it

  12. 16 hours ago, astr0 said:

    It may be because neutron automatically applies the preamp needed, whereas in Poweramp you need to do all the eq'ing manually. That's why it sounds way lower. 

     Preamp is needed, if its not used the eq can produce clipping and/or lower the dynamic range (even with a limiter).  N

    I agree the EQ on Neutron is horrible without preamp it's unusable because the amount of distortion it introduces, again with preamp the overall loudness decrease a lot to compensate that may be I need a dedicated amp which I don't have. I was curious to know how autoEq impact the overall sound quality but sadly my headphone is not listed I tried several others but the results are pretty much average I would say. Anyway thanks for your help

  13. I just installed neutron player after reading this and I must say it really works & I can clearly feel the difference but to be honest sound wise it's not that great as far as I can tell. Is there any additional steps or setup that I'm missing out. Because Poweramp sounds way better than this atleast to me. The loudness bass everything is 10 times lower than Poweramp. But it does change the actual sound signature of the headphones (please note I didn't find actual preset for my headphone yet will try again later)

    I do have full version of neutron player & Sony mdr xb920 headphone any suggestions would be appreciated I'm asking this because of curiosity.

    Would love to see it in Poweramp if it really works

  14. 47 minutes ago, giannisgx89 said:

    Skin update will be live in few minutes!
    Don't forget to leave a rating, it helps the development a lot! :)

    Liv Dark - Poweramp v3 Skin v1.3.4 | Get it here: http://tinyurl.com/y6cdlqhh
    • New purple love, dimigo and blooker accents
    • New default album art image options
    • Themed few missing icons
    • Improved all songs header buttons
    • Misc ui fixes and improvements

    Note: I managed to find out how to add album art animations and static album art scale.
    Next update will include these option as i need to refine them a bit more before the release.


    Thank U sir really appreciate it 🙏

  15. Hi I have some feature requests for this wonderful skin and I'm saying this after using it for over 2 months

    1. Proper Adjustable Font Size/Slider (Which will effect the entire Poweramp UI expect settings) right now it's only effective in now playing screen

    2. Adjustable Icon Size Sliders for Visualisation, sleep timer, repeat & shuffle icons, navigation icons, Play/Pause Next/Previous buttons etc

    3. Album Art Transition (you can add multiple custom animations or you could add adjustable sliders just like Luminous skin)

    These are the options which I lack the most in my day to day usage and force me to switch to luminous skin. Because I'm a old school kind a person & still using a device with 16.9 display Big Fonts Huge Icons doesn't look great at least to me

  16. Hi I just bought this skin today and it's awesome specially the colours I loved it but I think there is a bug "the search edit font size" is not working in fact it automatically revert back to 0 no matter what what I chose. Here's a video of the problem https://youtu.be/DJWYUV1gTIw

    I'm using ancient Redmi note 4 miui 11 android 7

    Latest Poweramp beta

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