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  1. For the record, I'm also unable to cast from PA on my Pixel 4a5g to my CCwGTVHD. To clarify, it visually appears to cast (according to the app and CC UIs), but no sound is produced, and the progress bar on the app keeps resetting to the same point every few seconds. As suggested by others in this thread, I installed HiFi Cast, and was immediately able to successfully cast between these same devices. Disappointed that (according to this thread) PA has so much problem with casting as it is by far my favourite audio app in all other respects. I sincerely hope @maxmp is able to identify a solid solution.
  2. Hi @Bencherished. I don't have any other music player, so cannot compare on that score. By "moving the phone", I mean picking it up to wake up the screen; or clicking the power button to wake it up. If I leave the phone alone so that the screen timeout expires, playback will stop for a variable period (a few seconds to some minutes) and then will restart for a few seconds, and then stop again, and so on. Waking up the screen always causes playback to resume immediately, but it then goes intermittent as described after a few seconds of the the screen turning off again. I don't have any RAM management apps installed. For now, I force stopped the app and restarted it, and this has resolved the issue again for the time being, but I imagine it will resume again at some point as per this time. The Wakelock setting was disabled. I've enabled it now and will monitor the effect. Owing to the intermittent nature of the problem, and the fact that playback keeps resuming periodically, I'm guessing that the issue will not be resolved by enabling this, but I'll be happy to be proved wrong. One factor that may be relevant is that I most frequently use Poweramp through Android Auto. The problem has not occurred at all in this use case. So far it has only occurred when playing through the phone speaker. Thanks for your help so far.
  3. This has started happening again. Battery is still Unrestricted. I can re-install again, but don't really want to keep having to do this. Any idea what would be causing this problem to keep recurring?
  4. @maxmp@maxmp Thanks. I already had the Unrestricted battery setting. I uninstalled / reinstalled and that sorted it out.
  5. Since installing on my new Pixel 4a5g with Android 12, playback stops every minute or 2, but then restarts when I move the phone, only to stop again a short while later. It is as if there is some setting that puts the phone into a sleep state if it doesn't move for x seconds. I've set the app to be excluded from battery optimisation, so I'm guessing there is some other setting that is causing this. Can anyone suggest what this might be?
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