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Album art import not working

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Have just tried backing up my PA settings on my Pixel 4a5g, to import them to a new Pixel 8. However, if the backup includes Album Art, then the import fails with "Error loading: settings-export". If I create a backup containing only the album art, I cannot even import it on the original phone where I made the backup.

Exporting everything except album art resulted in a successful import on the new phone. But I then don't have the album art I curated on my old phone. 

Is this a known issue? Any fix or workaround? 

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Not heard anyone having this problem, could be issues with one or more of the image files?

You can always back up and restore the cache folders manually, via USB cable to the phone(s). Or try to unpack the backup file, it's a plain ZIP file as far as the image folders are concerned.


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