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  1. Via 709/790, music sounds distorted (noisy? clippy?) compared with 706-uni playback. Lowering Preamp gain in EQU/TONE/LIMIT menu and uppering total-volume on 709/790 made me sound better, but on/off EQU/TONE/LIMIT resets Preamp gain. Replay-Gain does not improve distorted sound. Any changes around Preamp gain and/or DAC related code between 706 and 709/790? I currently uninstall 709/709 and re-installed 706-uni. [Music source]: 16bit/44.1kHz music up-converted to 24bit/192kHz wav file by ffmpeg on Win7 PC. Playback on Win7 PC (24bit/192kHz capable PC) sounds without distortion. also on 706-uni with Axons. [Tested with]: Axon 7(lineageOS 14.1), Axon7 mini(lineageOS 14.1) with internal-DAC (Wired Headset). Axon mini(CM12) with USB-DAC. [Audio output]: "Hi-Res Output (Experimental)" mode for 24bit-192kHz audio output for Axon7/Axon7 mini/Axon mini. (checked 24 bit 192kHz output via logcat message.)
  2. ze550ml (x86) with audio_policy.conf tweak. added "|96000" next to 48000. alpha-704-uni running. Is this working?
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