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  1. That is some great news! Thank you for letting us know @andrewilley.
  2. I don't know if this has been asked before but I know @maxmpis working on a separate Poweramp EQ app which can be used with other media apps like YouTube, Spotify etc. I just want to check on any updates on that project. Also, is there any way that existing Poweramp users can be notified about the availability of the EQ app as soon as it is launched?
  3. As of now, there's an option to store the list position in a playlist. The play button within the playlist returns to that stored position. If Max can implement an option to store shuffle order then this play button should work as a trigger to return to the stored shuffle and the shuffle button should start a new shuffle.
  4. But the original shuffle order is lost in the process. If starting a new shuffle, the tracks that have already been played will play again and would cause some tracks to play multiple time. That's what I argued before. Having identical shuffle patterns whenever Poweramp reshuffles adds up to the problem when a music player cant keep track of the shuffle order when changing playback modes (eg- playlist). But @maxmp said that shuffle patterns are built from scratch everytime when Poweramp reshuffles. If this is the case, then the shuffle patterns should be actually random and tracks can
  5. The top panel in categories which have options of shuffle, play, target search is only visible at the very top of categories. Scrolling a bit down does not display that panel as one would expect. I have huge playlists and use Target Search a lot. Clicking search on the nav bar triggers target search only when previously searched within the same category. It would be very helpful if long pressing the search on nav bat always triggers target search in a category that is being played.
  6. List positions were also lost when switching to different playback modes, but Max found a way around to store them. I am hoping that Max has a solution to this as well! Thanks.
  7. I have huge playlists and like to listen them in a shuffle mode every time when I play them. When I switch to a different playlist and come back to the first one the original shuffle order is lost and re-shuffling the playlist also plays the songs that have been played in the original shuffle. This is very annoying as some songs would play multiple times and some songs would not play at all. Listening to the entire playlists having 500+ tracks without changing playlist is impossible as I play different playlist depending on my mood. The option to store list position is somewhat helpful a
  8. There are many options to customize a widget, even more with advance tab. But still, I cant find a way to bring my visualizations in any of the widgets. It would be a nice addition to have this feature! Thanks.
  9. "App Icon change" does not reflect in the Recent App screen! Works perfectly in the app drawers. *Galaxy A70, Pie, OneUI 1.1
  10. Having a bordered area around the album art to swipe will make the main player (album art) more complex than it is already (unwanted huge title/author names). A permanent solution is to have an option which fully disables the gesture advance. I really liked this option in V2, and I hope @maxmp adds this option in the upcoming/final releases. Updates are meant to add more features/options; not to take away what was there already!
  11. Has anyone figured out an option to disable gesture/swipe track advance on the main player (album art)? It was there in V2! I do not want to use gesture for advancing tracks because I often swipe over the album art accidentally and it changes my current song. @maxmp I highly need this option to make V3 my goto music player. It is very annoying not to have this basic option; I mean Poweramp is the most customizable music player out in the store!
  12. Thats what I meant, swiping in opposite directions should navigate you in previous screen/category. Also the back button issue should be fix. If you are on EQ screen, pressing back button should take you to main player instead of exiting the app.
  13. Think like this way: You are on a chrome browser and surf through different sites. If you swipe left to right on touchpad, it takes you one step back (on a previous site) and if you swipe from right to left, it takes you more deep/in. It works using stored history through out the process. Might be a good idea to navigate in Poweramp just by swiping. No need to have different tabs for each category, just storing the entire journey/navigation in a single use.
  14. But at the sametime, we need to use Poweramp's Lock Screen. This can be a temporary fix but Max needs to find permanent solution.
  15. Overall, the build is good. However, I found three (possible) bugs. 1. When enabling float 32 sample format, the volume drops by a bit. I am using sony C4. I am not sure if my ROM supports Hi-res but when using (EXPERIMENTAL) hi-res output, volume drops by atleast 80%. 2. When using "search" option, I am not able to find Folders category, but can find songs and albums category. I hope this lies within the incomplete list that Max mentioned in the changelog. 3. The most common: The playback stops when turning off the screen, I have tried all possible suggested solutions like usi
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