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  1. Thanks for the fix @maxmp. Another thing related to visualization: Do you plan to add an option where we can set "Visualizator Delay" independently for each output? PA has this delay option for each output. I wonder if this will be implemented in Eq app as well! It's really annoying when I switch outputs and visualization is no longer in sync.
  2. I shared the settings with you @maxmp. An update regarding the bug: I couldn't reproduce the bug through the "inactivity" method I mentioned earlier; but the issue persists everytime when I switch to PA Eq from a different app when visualization is set to full screen. Depending on how you switch apps, the bug might behave differently. If you use bottom gestures to switch apps (like in iOS) then after switching back to PA the Visualization will not switch to full screen even though its been set to full screen (I have to tap screen once to start full screen Visualization). If you use navigation button to switch app then hidden controls won't be displayed after switching back to PA.
  3. There's a bug related to full screen visualization option. When I turn on full screen visualization and after 2-3 minutes of inactivity (not tapping my phone's screen but the visualization and screen is on) or maybe switching back to PA from different app, tapping the screen does not display the hidden controls as it's supposed to. Only the navigation controls are displayed (see attached screenshot). I'm using Galaxy A70 running on Android 10 (OneUI 2.0) and the latest PA Eq build from playstore.
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