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  1. In the first post, you mentioned one of the known issues being that on Samsungs, Hi-Res track playback can't be detected causing bands frequency shift. Is this something that can be fixed later down the line or is it just a limitation that we have to accept? Obviously it's not that big of a issue as this is already great.
  2. Thank you for the option for higher quality embedded artwork. I have certain songs (most really) that I have embedded with a really HQ, we are talking about 3000x3000 artwork (7 MB>) and I haven't faced any performance issues. Good work like always!
  3. I feel like proposed change is better than having a mini window at bottom. I;m not sure how hard it would be to implement something but that's one thing I always wanted to be changed in Poweramp even from v2.
  4. Just wanted to say I love Poweramp and it's own audio engine. I love it so much to the point where I rather listen to music on my phone since it's sounds better. Even with all the tweaking of EQ's, it just doesn't sound as good as Poweramp.
  5. I have the same issues as others regarding the alternate layout even with the new experimental option. My device is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (1440 x 2560 resolution)
  6. What are your skin settings and background settings? I would like to try them.
  7. Is it possible to change the background for Option App Background > Custom Background (Visualization doesn't work with this option) ? As of now, it's a black leather looking wallpaper, I was wondering if I could change it to an image that I would like? I want a certain solid color and figured this would be the way around it
  8. Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to add lyrics support upon double tapping the album cover which would then show a overlay showing the lyrics. I made a mockup of how it would look in Poweramp v3.
  9. I notice the option to pick custom background which shows a dark black leather typed background, is this user customizable?
  10. First of all, I love this skin. However, I have an issue with the size of the album cover of songs. The device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (1440x2560). The no skin default original alternate layout artwork size comes up properly. The skin no alternate layout shows proper sized artwork also but it doesn't when picking the alternate layout. Basically I want the first picture with the seekbar instead of the waveseek without the album artwork being scaled down. Default Poweramp Skin Alternate Layout Skin Alternate Layout Skin No Alternate Layout
  11. Is it possible for the artwork to have a overlay that displays the embedded lyrics when tapping on it?
  12. Only if there was a way to make use of the Poweramp audio engine with a different music player. Well Designed Music Players = Bad Audio Quality Good Audio Quality Music Players = Bad Application Design (Ugly and Outdated)
  13. I have two "features" that I would like to see in the v3 update. I don't know if anyone requested it and it may be minor but I think they would be some nice additions. 1. Lyrics that do not open a new window and instead, opens the lyrics where the album artwork is allowing you to have access to play/pause/next and music seek. Possible just double tapping the artwork to display the embedded lyrics from the music tag. 2. When having music shuffled, allowing to see what the next song will be in the shuffle and allow you to interchange tracks which are presented in a playlist like a lis
  14. I'm aware of this skin. That's why I wished a skin can be used with the beta which has a significantly better audio or at the very least, let the v3 update come already. I just hope the v3 comes soon. I'm hoping by Jan 2018 but doubt it.
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