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  1. HTC 10 with Android 7 and HTC Sense. Its internal DAC supports Hi-Res audio playback at 24bit/192khz The upcoming HTC 11 is expected to rais the par to 32bit playback.
  2. Well, adding this feature will not affect the player target as being the most accurate and highest quality music player on the market because it will be an optional feature just like other features such as EQ, and Reverb, and Tempo. I hope he add it ASAP ..
  3. Good for you, bad for me and many others
  4. Besides some of the reasons mentioned before, and like many others like me, I like to change the pitch/tempo for some songs to a level that is comfortable for me to sing along with it. In example, some singers sing at a higher pitch than my capability which make it very hard for me to sing with it especially in ? karaoke situations. This reason alone is enough to justify the need for this feature. Also, sometimes I like to change the pitch of certain songs or music just to match my taste.. Just exactly like when changing the tempo, EQ, and adding DSP reverb to match my taste. Maybe it is not important for you, or you do not see any benefit from it, but it is very important to many people like me.
  5. I disagree with you. EQ mostly used to make the music sounds according to people's taste. Some people like more base, others prefer higher ends, and so on. Most consumers can not, in the first place, make the music sounds as accurate as what the artist intended, and for very simple reason: they are not the artist thus don't know what the artist version sounds like.
  6. Pitch control is as important as tempo for many reasons. I hope they add this feature.
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