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  1. So now on top of the song stopping playing sometimes after skipping a song, I've had it happen 3 times where I'm listening with the screen off and unplugged and after a song, everything just stops. I'll turn the screen on and the app isn't even running anymore.
  2. Here's a screenshot of the big with the song not playing. The timer stays at zero but the progress bar moves along for a few seconds before resetting and repeating the movement. Hitting pause then play fixes it.
  3. Song not playing thing got worse on 814. It used to just happen if I skipped songs quickly, but now it happens all the time.
  4. Getting something similar on HTC 10. If I skip songs quickly, the progress bar will move a bit but the timer stays at 0 and there's no audio. Have to pause/play to get it to work again.
  5. Option: Don't Ignore articles for sort ("the" "a" "an") Does anyone else think "a" and "an" shouldn't be grouped in with "the"? "The" is a great one to ignore, but it seems "A" at the very least makes no sense. Example, "A Perfect Circle" shouldn't be listed in the Ps, but bands like Smashing Pumpkins sometimes had "The" on there. Also, I think it's odd that in the player it shows Song Title on it's own line, and then Album title and Artist Name on the line below in that order. Song name on its own is fine, but wouldn't it be better for the artist name to be before the album title?
  6. Not sure if it has been covered in the last 22 pages, but it seems the app wants to default the playlist to alphabetical. I see an option in the folder to change it to track #, but after the app is shut down it goes back to alphabetical. Couldn't find an option to set it globally to play by track #. What sort of monster would play an album alphabetically? Other than that, it's going pretty good. Sound quality on my HTC 10 is much improved over the two previous versions. Hoping for someone to make a skin to give some transparency to the blocks.
  7. I'm actually a fan of this since I never cared for boomsound. Now I don't have the system message always there telling me it's turned off when listening to music. Initial impressions. I thought Hi-res in 705 was good, but it had been so long since I had working hi-res I wasn't sure. Plus having so many uninstalls and redoing the audio settings, I wasn't sure if everything was set up right, but it seemed I wasn't quite getting the volume I had before before clipping. 706 does seem better. I really hope 790+ can get similar fixes.
  8. It'd be really nice to have 705 and 790 be separate installs so we can mess with both and not have to uninstall and reinstall.
  9. HTC 10 8.0 user here. Experimental works great now compared to 704 when it was very likely to crash when skipping songs. As someone else said, Open SL ES HD doesn't appear to be an option.
  10. I have all my music on an SD card and when I uninstalled everything and installed 790 fresh, it seems it couldn't scan that folder. I had to reinstall 704 and then 790 over it to get the SD card recognized. I've since added another song. Is there any way to get it to scan the SD card or just have to wait for folders to be fixed?
  11. When I downloaded with my phone, it appeared to have the correct file name, but the phone didn't recognize it as a .apk file for some reason and even had a blank icon. When I downloaded to my PC and transferred it over, it then had the android logo for the file and the install worked fine. I'm just chalking it up to the typical 8.0 BS this update is.
  12. Thanks for the tip about holding the button fellow 10 user. It sounds like Hi-Res technically works, but the quality is jacked up. I had just posted about it, but it seems I missed a part of Max's original post saying Hi-Res isn't working with Oreo.
  13. Anyone else think Hi-Res is messed up? HTC 10. Turn on Hi-Res and the volume drops significantly. Ok, turn it up. Now I'm about 2 notches from max volume to get the volume I had before at about half. Problem is, it's distorting way easier than it did before. Before Oreo with Alpha, it could stand up to uncomfortable levels of volume without breaking a sweat. Now? Some songs are distorting at a normal volume, not even loud. I reset the EQ to stock to make sure it wasn't that and tweaked it slightly. Mostly flat near 0 EQ across the board with bass and treble at 63% and 73%. I think bass before was about 75% and worked fine. I also found the volume jumped too much so I switched from stock 16 to 30. Even with 30 increments, it seems like too big of a jump. Turn the volume down and under 40% is there, but you can't tell what it is and about 34% is mute. 76% is a comfortable level and 79% (one notch) is good for rocking out to a good song. Before beta, I could get a good kick out of my headphones and when connected to my car stereo, I could rattle mirrors. Hi-Res and beta? Forget it.
  14. I don't know about anyone else, but Hi-Res seems to have taken a hit.
  15. I had the same problem when trying to download the file directly with my phone. I had to download it on my computer and put it in the download folder manually, then it worked.
  16. Just don't update to Oreo. High Res will be be gone after that. At least I can skip songs again without worrying about crashes.
  17. Ack. I mindlessly accepted the install of Oreo on my HTC 10. Is everything going to work ok?
  18. Yeah, the system update broke hi-res with 703. Upgrade to 704 and it'll work again, but crashes more frequently.
  19. Glad to see Max comment. Now that he has, can this just be locked so only @andrewilley or Max himself can update it?
  20. For shits and giggles, I wanted to start a small sample test so I set it to shuffle all songs and picked the first song in my folders as a starting point. I backed out of the app and paused to use the widget to keep track of the song number because it'll list them out like 1/879, 2/879, and so on. So I write down the first song, hit skip and it jumped to 3/879 completely skipping 2. Strange. I hit back and I got 2, but it was my first song again. I left the phone alone for a bit while writing this down and when I hit forward again, it jumped to 4 and played my original #2 song. Ok, so I decided to start over, but leave the music playing and again outside the app and only using the widget. This time, the tracks played correctly and I went up to 200 with no repeats. I paused it again for a couple minutes and hit back a bunch of times and it appears to be tracking the songs correctly. However, while writing this paragraph, still paused, I hit forward again and instead of going to #185, it jumped back to showing #200, but it's song #195 on the list. Left alone for another minute, hit forward and it jumped to 202 to a new song not in the original 200 and not the song after the original #195 I had previously. After a bit more of a break, I skipped ahead a few tracks and went back and now the song originally on #195 is now 201, instead of 200 as it was the last time. Hit forward again and it jumped to 206. As Andrewilley suggested before, pausing should not cause a reshuffle (not that this seems like a reshuffle issue anyway) and I doubt the app is being cleared from memory in the short breaks I've taken to write. Especially with the screen left on. If anything, it seems that while paused and not in the app, it seems to be losing track of where it is in the list or forgot how to math.
  21. I don't know if it's the same, but I've always had an issue with Poweramp playing all songs. It seems like I get stuck in a rut with the same songs playing, but once I add or subtract any songs from my phone, I get a whole new set of songs I'm stuck with. I'll actually start hearing songs I haven't heard in weeks. I do kind of want to do a test and log the songs that pop up, but that sounds like work.
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