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  1. Just reminder for PA lovers who waiting for (or maybe for the developer). Why you so serius??? Lol... Lel... Lul... Lal... Lil...
  2. LOL... that's not true at all. And don't say anything about days, months or something ETA related. We was so traumatized. So, let's discussing the brand new PA until this thread goes to limited post, maybe until next year. Of course we'll still waiting ???
  3. You missing a message from the developer that beta version will be out around March last year. I'ts a promise. And why you're here. Look the thread title. Its mean next PA under development, but almost a year no any beta app. LOL
  4. Almost a year since first post and still going on without any beta release. Its cool. Fake promising feels like poison. And amazingly, peoples still waiting for it, include me. I hope PA will be released after earth goes to flat.
  5. In 2030 PA v3 build 704 will be rarely software because the whole development has been discontinued. LOL
  6. No matters even I must buy again, but same audio quality or over than now. Also with fresh modern UI. I'll be waiting next month.
  7. BREAKING NEWS...!!! . . Dont ask for ETA. I'll tell all of you guys. Latest update will be out end of September. . . . . . September 2020
  8. No ETA, no Beta Version, no progress and no any good news. Hope end of this month Max will be release the new one.
  9. How to enable HiRes output? No option gor this even my headphone connected. FYI, my earphone is sennheiser momentum.
  10. Guys.. stop debating about beta release, ETA or asking about it. You must be understand that beta release is set to May, but next year, not this year. May 2018. Keep silent. Lets Max doing his best. Dont disturb him. Case closed.
  11. I think Poweramp will be more powerfull when tag editor can give several best suggestions/options (most matched tag) for a song from internet, include high resolution album art on ONE CLICK only (of course manual tag editing still there). Search and copy lyrics directly from built in browser, then paste back to tag editor. Also tap on album art or somewhere to show lyric, and auto synchronized with the song if possible. Thankyou.
  12. Good news from developer but little bit confusing with "Once the official v3 release is complete, Max will turn his attentions to building new features for 'v4', which will include:....." Why not merge the V4 features at V3? Because its was planned before V3 relese. (I know writing thousands of codes is hard working)
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