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  1. Just reminder for PA lovers who waiting for (or maybe for the developer). Why you so serius??? Lol... Lel... Lul... Lal... Lil...
  2. LOL... that's not true at all. And don't say anything about days, months or something ETA related. We was so traumatized. So, let's discussing the brand new PA until this thread goes to limited post, maybe until next year. Of course we'll still waiting ???
  3. You missing a message from the developer that beta version will be out around March last year. I'ts a promise. And why you're here. Look the thread title. Its mean next PA under development, but almost a year no any beta app. LOL
  4. Almost a year since first post and still going on without any beta release. Its cool. Fake promising feels like poison. And amazingly, peoples still waiting for it, include me. I hope PA will be released after earth goes to flat.
  5. In 2030 PA v3 build 704 will be rarely software because the whole development has been discontinued. LOL
  6. No matters even I must buy again, but same audio quality or over than now. Also with fresh modern UI. I'll be waiting next month.
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