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  1. Thanks!!! It's working fine now. To be honest, sometimes I'm lost with this all options. Thanks again.
  2. Hi again. I detect another queue issue I think. If I add a album to queue from folder section, the album's playback don't respect the track number. But if the album is added from other section like artist, album... the playback respect the order. Over 3.823 Cheers.
  3. Thanks for your patience and explanations, I see that it is normal operation so
  4. Sorry, my english is a bit poor, i learned english watching Lost 😂, and google translator is helping me.... or dis-helping me, I'm not sure. Summary: -If I clear the queue and add some albums or songs or whatever, some times the new queue didn't play correctly, the order does not make sense, these are the following: 1- If I start to play (I no mean add) the new queue from the main screen pushing the play button. 2- If I start to play (I no mean add) the new queue from the mini-player In both cases, Poweramp shows correctly the artwork and the info of the new queue in main screen and miniplayer, but I keep listening the last song I was listening from the old queue. But if in the queue section, with a new queue, with the previous queue cleared, I push play to start the new queue, in this case plays correctly (the last song from the old queue stops, and begin the first song from the new queue). Attach my Poweramp config.
  5. I mean from the main screen or from the "miniplayer shortcut". If I forward a new queue song from the main screen, the song order is fully shuffle with all the song fron SD card, don't respect the queue songs. But if I start to play from the queue section queue order works fine. Anyway I will check again that you said. Thanks.
  6. Today I see if I start to play the new queue from the queue section works fine, but from other interface zone, the queue goes crazy.
  7. Yes, that happens to. Sorry. I forget indicate Poweramp version: v3-build-820-play
  8. Queue never clear completely, always there is some rest, some tines show a tracks, other times the list appears clear but the number indicator show something like 4/0, or 1/0, if you insist to clear the queue again, never more happens. Them you create a new queue, and always starts with the last song of previous queue, some times if you forward the song, start the new queue some times, other times start few song past the begin of the new queue, or continue with the songs of the old queue. Android 7.1.2 custom rom Lineage 14.1 Poweramp 2.x worked perfectly
  9. Thanks for reply. Maybe I should be added that I'm using lineage os, and without gapps I can't add a Google account, just exchange, pop3 or imap. So I suppose I need to buy a new one, right?
  10. ...I want to restore de purchase in the same device but without gapps. I install the apk downloaded from Poweramp web. Any way? The reason to not use gapps now, is that the device performance it's very poor, and I install just the essential. Thanks.
  11. Ok, forget this, the mp3 files was corrupt
  12. Hi everyone, from few days ago I'm a new betatester, and I've some issues/requests to ask. First is a problem with the queue. Ok, I have a queue with few albums, and them, few hours or days later I add another album. The issue is when is playing the last album I added, random song, with blocked screen, the playback is stopped and resumed with the last queue song at the beginning. Over CM13.1 Sony Xperia SP And this is more a request than a issue, could be great that Preamp values could be the same that in stable release, some times the minimum level is to much loud, for example while sleeping. Thanks.
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