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  1. yes, I try with several combinations of this settings, none enabled, full enabled, something enabled and disabled, but same result. I didn't know the option in focus section, I tried with it in case I was a lucky men today, but didn't works obviously so far only works kill Poweramp at start, and then load the app few moments later I'm not sure that I need the both acctions "stop app" and "kill background process", I will keep testing. Thanks.
  2. I think I found the real problem, Poweramp load at phone start before that SD is mounted and them it's running in background. I made a task on macrodroid, when phone starts, I kill Poweramp process, and then; when the SD is mounted; 1 minute later, I execute Poweramp and now works fine, don't ask me por SD permission. Really is a problem with the rom, that doesn't mount the SD until I enter the screen unlock pattern.
  3. nah, the issue persists, not all the times that I restart, but several 🙁
  4. well... I think I found my problem, there is a conflict with MiXplorer, with this option unchecked on MiXplorer, Poweramp works fine, I restarted several times and never ask me for sd permission
  5. It's Evolution X 3.4 on redmi S2, I don't know how losts the permission, but after restarting, widget it's frozen, and into the app, says me that the SD it's unmounted, and I need to allow to Poweramp grant permission and re scan the library, others apps with SD access, works fine. I read others post about it in the forum, I install files by google, allow sd permission to system file app, remove Poweramp folder into Android/data after uninstalling, but the issue keeps. Anyway I'm waiting for the upcoming rom update Thanks
  6. Hi everybody, I've a similar problem, Poweramp losts access granted to sd card, every time i restart the phone, i'm using the last one 860v, and custom rom over android 10, ask me for more details if you need. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks!!! It's working fine now. To be honest, sometimes I'm lost with this all options. Thanks again.
  8. Hi again. I detect another queue issue I think. If I add a album to queue from folder section, the album's playback don't respect the track number. But if the album is added from other section like artist, album... the playback respect the order. Over 3.823 Cheers.
  9. Thanks for your patience and explanations, I see that it is normal operation so
  10. Sorry, my english is a bit poor, i learned english watching Lost 😂, and google translator is helping me.... or dis-helping me, I'm not sure. Summary: -If I clear the queue and add some albums or songs or whatever, some times the new queue didn't play correctly, the order does not make sense, these are the following: 1- If I start to play (I no mean add) the new queue from the main screen pushing the play button. 2- If I start to play (I no mean add) the new queue from the mini-player In both cases, Poweramp shows correctly the artwork and the info of the new queue in main screen and miniplayer, but I keep listening the last song I was listening from the old queue. But if in the queue section, with a new queue, with the previous queue cleared, I push play to start the new queue, in this case plays correctly (the last song from the old queue stops, and begin the first song from the new queue). Attach my Poweramp config.
  11. I mean from the main screen or from the "miniplayer shortcut". If I forward a new queue song from the main screen, the song order is fully shuffle with all the song fron SD card, don't respect the queue songs. But if I start to play from the queue section queue order works fine. Anyway I will check again that you said. Thanks.
  12. Today I see if I start to play the new queue from the queue section works fine, but from other interface zone, the queue goes crazy.
  13. Yes, that happens to. Sorry. I forget indicate Poweramp version: v3-build-820-play
  14. Queue never clear completely, always there is some rest, some tines show a tracks, other times the list appears clear but the number indicator show something like 4/0, or 1/0, if you insist to clear the queue again, never more happens. Them you create a new queue, and always starts with the last song of previous queue, some times if you forward the song, start the new queue some times, other times start few song past the begin of the new queue, or continue with the songs of the old queue. Android 7.1.2 custom rom Lineage 14.1 Poweramp 2.x worked perfectly
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