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  1. Hi ManualNeeded, welcome to Poweramp. I'm like you perhaps, in that I find manuals helpful and don't mind reading them. Also, I've only recently made it into the world of smart phones, so many of the things people say are "natural" I don't think of. However, I enjoyed playing around with Poweramp, getting to know it and finding the different ways it can do things. I also found andrewilley very courteous and helpful. Some things I still find a little frustrating, but on the whole it's the best app I've tried. So for me, not having a manual hasn't been too much of a problem in the end
  2. Any idea why Delete is greyed out on the list menu? I can multiple Enqueue etc and Delete Dups, but only delete singly from play lists. (This is weird because I just did it on the same list a few minutes ago, trying it out successfully. Don't worry about it. I'm using alpha 704 and very tolerant of flaky, if that's what's happening.) Christopher
  3. Thanks Andre, that's great. You've got another happy customer ? Christopher
  4. Thanks Andre. Simplest and best solution. And it was there on the help all the time. <sheepish_grin>. Sorry to waste your time.
  5. Playlists are a wonderful idea, or would be if I was perfect, didn’t make mistakes or change my mind. Please forgive me if I'm missing something, but I haven't found a way to add a track anywhere except the end. For now I can use Shuffle (and Poweramp offers features I don't want to do without). Android Studio has a list pane that supports multiple edits and reordering. Would it be too difficult to use that as a Base class for playlists and queue panes? It would offer an interface most users are used to with minimal programming effort. Deleting tracks one track menu at a time
  6. In build 704 the only menu options are Album, Artist and Folder. Even when the tracks are playing from the Queue. Could we please access the Queue from here as well? Presumably access to the currently playing Play List would be appreciated for the same reason?
  7. Thanks Andrew. Dragging works fine in v3-build-703 (as of course you know ?)
  8. That's what I thought, but it doesn't do that. I restarted my phone but there is still no telling where the dragged file will go (except that it always lands lower down - dragging upward is impossible. Is it worth reporting as a bug? You guys surely want to be getting v3 right, not fixing weirdness in v2? I'd be happy to beta test v3 if it's at that stage. Where do I look?
  9. While listening I often change my mind what I want to listen to next. I assume that is why it is possible to drag play list items vertically. But how can I get a track to move up or down just one position? When I let it go, it always appears just after the current page. If this a bug I'll report it properly. (But in my experience, bug lists accumulate a lot of complaints, many either repeats or too poorly specified to fix.) Much more likely: I'm doing something unexpected.
  10. Thank you for explaning. I will try using play lists when listening to music. However I use Poweamp most regularly for group guided meditations, morning and evening. It's important the talk is followed by silence (without fuss). I get that by queuing a single file. The difficulty with starting a song in its context is that the next track is played when it finishes. Maybe there's some way I can play one track and only that one? Or is what we're doing the best way?
  11. I would like to use the Queue but it seems difficult. Am I missing something? The only way I can find is to get back to the Library and select the Queue from there. I often want to access the Queue from the Player screen. Would anyone else value a button on the Player menu that opens the Queue directly? Having Enquired some songs, how should I start the Queue playing? Clicking on the song entry plays it from the library/folder. It seems to me that the Queue is not logically part of the Library in the way Playlists are. [So should its access be parallel with Folder/Library on the
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