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  1. it can turn on hires, but no active. Only active other output devices. Samsung Pie i'm not sure, because on older galaxy s8+ with Pie can work hires so good. But on galaxy s10+ exynos doesn't work.
  2. Yes, I tried restore, but still no work. "other output devices" 16bit, 48 khz force active. I search only see this file audio config audio_policy_configuration.xml
  3. Hi-res no work, only work in Open SL ES output -> "other output devices" 16bit, 48 khz. Galaxy s10+ exynos version no see file "audio_policy .conf" only see file "audio_policy_configuration.xml". audio_policy_configuration.xml
  4. When use wired or bluetooth Hi-res no work. Alway active "Open SL ES output" and force active "other output device - 16bit, 48 khzs", can not turn off "other output device". Bluetooth also have this bug
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