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  1. Thanks. Should be attached now. 18-Feb-2024-15-48-42.poweramp-settings
  2. Thank you. If you would like any further info, please just ask.
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply. Ref "Checked and found no issues. Perhaps you can send me your skin settings so I can see if any of those settings create the issue. Do you have any other skins installed?" I've no other skins for Poweramp, just YAPS. I'm happy to send you the skin settings (and the Poweramp settings too, if this is helpful). The initial settings after re-installation were the default YAPS settings. Followed by "custom icons - Flying Dutchman library set 1 or set 2. Followed by miscellaneous options, hide objects, main userinterface, and then toggling the "shortcuts" option in the menu. The only way I can find/see to record the skin settings is to take screenshots of each screen, and as you know there are lots of settings screens on multiple levels. Is there a better way of doing this please such as "exporting" the settings? The next post assumes that taking screenshots is the only way, and the screens I mentioned in the previous paragraph will be attached in the next post in a few minutes.
  4. Apologies - I should have added, that just in case something had become corrupted on my Android phone, I've already done a complete unininstall of Poweramp and YAPS, rebooted, and then re-installed Poweramp and YAPS, before checking the menus and settings again.
  5. Title: Lost the "delete" icon. Hi, Ref the above Flying Dutchman post on 23rd May 2021 [ https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/20868-one-click-song-deletion-wo-confirmation-possible-now/?do=findComment&comment=97895 ] and my post on 30th Dec 2022. The "delete" icon on the Poweramp front screen has been working great for me until very recently when I've lost the "delete" icon. I'm wondering if this is a bug following one of the recent updates to either Poweramp or YAPS? The "shortcuts" option is still there in the menu, and it still toggles "on", but the "delete" icon no longer appears on the main screen after toggling. Secondly, each time I return to the menu, I find the shortcuts option has toggled "off" again. Any ideas please? I can supply some screenshots of this if they would be helpful to you.
  6. I've now tested it while driving which is my majority use of Poweramp and where I really wanted the quick and easy "delete", and I stand by my earlier comment of brilliant. So much easier to dump tracks that I dont want to hear again while keeping the majority of my attention on the road. I hardly ever use most of the normal Poweramp control icons while driving as I use teh car's steering wheel audio controls instead. This "delete" icon is the main necessary phone screen Poweramp control as the "delete" function obviously does not appear on most steering wheels. A minor personal suggestion for future improvement which I appreciate might not be to the liking of people who enjoy the album art display, is to shrink the album art and make the "delete" and "yes-confirmation" icons larger (or provide an option to do so) so that its easier to click while driving. I realise this suggestion is personal to me and might not be popular, so no worries if you bin it.
  7. @flyingdutchman I've just found your post as a direct quick "delete icon" on the Poweramp main screen is something I've wanted for a long time, particularly when driving which is when i mainly use Poweramp. Brilliant, thanks very much .
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