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  1. Thanks, will consider installing the skin just as soon as I solve some issues I'm having with PA at the moment. One question: Is the delete button fixed in the upper right corner? I find it much more convenient in the middle where the 3 dots are right now.
  2. Thanks, just saw your post... Another skin with that delete button on the main screen sounds great! I did look up the skin in Google Play but didn't see any delete button in the pics or mentioned in the description. Could you upload a pic showing how it would look in PA?
  3. Thanks. Will see if the multiple delete works for me
  4. Hello, As the title says, is it possible? Have build 893 and need to delete many songs while listening on mobile and needing to confirm each deletion is a hassle. Saw past discussion about this feature but is it implemented yet in mine or some version of PA? Thanks.
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