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  1. Thanks for all your help 👍 I share your hope 🙏
  2. Thanks, I've already had the "Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy" option on all along. So, If I understand correctly what I seek which is playing randomly a specific hierarchy's songs while deleting tracks on the fly with this option: Delete song? Selected song will be deleted permanently from the storage. CUE won't be removed [Cancel] [Delete] is not supported? As I said before, the shuffle state of just a specific hierarchy's songs IS maintained as long as I don't delete any track. If I do that then the shuffle of the whole hierarchy's switches to one of the hierarchy's subfolders shuffle, for some reason.
  3. I'm reopening the case Hope it gets noticed inspite this thread being marked as solved. Well, it seems it's not working as I expected. The problem again is playing all songs randomly from a specific hierarchy with many sub foldres. If I have X,Y,Z such hierarchies I want to play just the Y's songs randomly and when trying to delete a song on the fly, to get the option to delete the track itself and not the option to delete the entry. So, as Aandre said if I "go into the folder that you want to play and tap the 'Play' icon at the top of the song list. That will start the folder playing from the first song.", and tap any of the the "Shuffle"(random) icon in the main screen I'm not getting any option for just the songs in the Y hierarchy. If instead of tapping the "Play" icon I tap the "Shuffle" one next to the "Play", I do get playing randomly just the songs in the Y hierarchy but as soon I delete a song, after a few more song changes, the shuffle becomes one of the Y's folders and not that of the Y hierarchy. So, still looking to maintain the Y hierarchy shuffle while being able to delete songs on the fly. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Andre, that worked just fine Should have seen it myself but appreciate the quick response and the detailed explanation in both threads 👍
  5. Thanks, I see what you mean. Well, the situation is all of the songs are in 3 folders but I'm playing only one folder from which I want to delete songs on the fly. So I go to the 'Library' list, 'Folders(directories) hierarchy' and choose this one folder to be 'played next in the queue'. I guess that makes the folder's songs a playlist? So is there a way to play only this folder's songs and not make it a playlist? I could choose only this folder to be scanned in PA but I need the other 2 folders to be present too and don't want to rescan them each time which takes a long time. I'd prefer if there is another way.
  6. Hello, In version 905 and when trying to delete a song while playing it I noticed I've started getting this message (translated from my language): "Delete the record? Chosen records will be deleted. Song file will not be deleted." This is in contrast to what I used and want to get which is the message whether to delete the song track and saying the .cue file will not be deleted. I must have changed something in the settings but can't find exactly what it was. Appreciate any help.
  7. Thanks, will consider installing the skin just as soon as I solve some issues I'm having with PA at the moment. One question: Is the delete button fixed in the upper right corner? I find it much more convenient in the middle where the 3 dots are right now.
  8. Thanks, just saw your post... Another skin with that delete button on the main screen sounds great! I did look up the skin in Google Play but didn't see any delete button in the pics or mentioned in the description. Could you upload a pic showing how it would look in PA?
  9. Thanks. Will see if the multiple delete works for me
  10. Hello, As the title says, is it possible? Have build 893 and need to delete many songs while listening on mobile and needing to confirm each deletion is a hassle. Saw past discussion about this feature but is it implemented yet in mine or some version of PA? Thanks.
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