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  1. Poweramp is not supported for Google Family Library?
  2. @andrewilley Creat few official themes for This new version.
  3. If Poweramp become Indian online music player with all its current features, I'll subscribe to it at any cost. Poweramp is best but, I not wasting storage for MP3 files anymore. Subscribed to one year Gaana. 💓 from a Poweramp fan.
  4. Anyone way to hide black background of titles and white background of navigation bar? It gives ugly look on player. ????
  5. Still, MusicFx button not working. Long pressing on it, Crashing it. Combination of MusicFx+Poweramp Equilizer+Headphones and Effects of Xiaomi gives great bass and clarity for my earphones. Please work on that first. I am missing that very much.
  6. Still MusicFX does nothing. Long Pressing on that on that gives nothing. Just auto closing.
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