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  1. Poweramp is not supported for Google Family Library?
  2. @andrewilley Creat few official themes for This new version.
  3. If Poweramp become Indian online music player with all its current features, I'll subscribe to it at any cost. Poweramp is best but, I not wasting storage for MP3 files anymore. Subscribed to one year Gaana. 💓 from a Poweramp fan.
  4. Anyone way to hide black background of titles and white background of navigation bar? It gives ugly look on player. ????
  5. Seems You're working on Alpha builds these days. That's Good news, But, fix MusicFx crash on long pressing MusicFx option first, later all others. I am uninstalling it, checking whether there is an update or not if yes, Download it again check for MusixFx to work, as usual it won't work. disappointment, Uninstall it again. Seems like I bought this app only for that only and can't live without that. Can you do something in next update. Don't forget me and For all other bass lovers. Do it. Device is Mi A1 is running on Stock Oreo 8.1(not rooted)
  6. Please work on it. MusicFx is nothing... in any of beta releases. My Device is Xiaomi Mi A1. Running on Oreo 8.1 (August security patch).
  7. Still, MusicFx button not working. Long pressing on it, Crashing it. Combination of MusicFx+Poweramp Equilizer+Headphones and Effects of Xiaomi gives great bass and clarity for my earphones. Please work on that first. I am missing that very much.
  8. Still MusicFX does nothing. Long Pressing on that on that gives nothing. Just auto closing.
  9. MusicFx is working/infact it is not even opening. I am using 793
  10. System Equaliser is not opening, And black background for Song titles and play controls is looking Good and the bottom navigation bar too.
  11. @maxmp Sur, I have small doubt that you don't check yourself that feature what you've added to your player? I'd edited one song's info/tag Seen the result in other music players. Nothing have changed as I edited the song's info.. Its amazing what a feature you've added. This feature is there in stable version, and Alpha version of play store. And in your recent build. Can you fix this in next release on Play Store. I still like your app because of it's equilizer. Awesome bass comes from my earphones boAt bassheads 225.
  12. Will it support themes after release? I like Poweramp HD themes very much. Will that work on this release.?
  13. remove lines between options in settings like in below picture. It gives good look.
  14. MusicFX option is not working. I tried long pressing on that. It didn't take me to system equaliser...
  15. Another Decade.. By the way, Why this developer can't run a Telegram group. It help people as well as the developer fixing bugs quickly.
  16. LoL, You took 1.5 years to bring this new look to your app? When will it be stable and updated to Play Store?
  17. I use YU Yunique 4711 device (with CyanogenMod OS) and use Poweramp music player too for Good base music. Combination of Poweramp music player equalizer and System equalizer gives deep bass in my Philips SHE1405 Earphones. But sometimes it doesn't work.. even MusicFX enabled. don't know why.. anyone tried?
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