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  1. @maxmp hi max when can I expect the hi res on oreo to be working? Is it will be worked after all the function completed or is it in the next update? As of now I'm in nougat and I want to quickly update to oreo, Thx
  2. I understand, I didn't meant to rant. I was just trying to give feedback to the dev. And yeah for the library, sorry I overlooked it. It was mentioned in first post.
  3. I've just found 1 more crash that is when going to player from notification widget. Max I hope that you will release next update from playstore so that I can catch it up easily.. It'll be easier to report bug from there as well
  4. Clear data and cache prolly will make it work, or reset the widget Edit : yes I've just noticed that the widget link to the player itself is gone, yet the functions are working properly
  5. I myself personally liked it. As of now I haven't encountered any problem except the queue list crash. Even hi res working fine (my 2nd phone), I'll gladly explore more later tonight
  6. I confirm the crashes when pressing back in the queue page (empty queue) Oneplus 3 oreo latest beta
  7. Guys you all should force stop the previous Poweramp, clear data and cache, uninstall then install the new one. If not there's a high chance the app will crash
  8. Max this is wonderful! I loved the design and animations! Thx for the-just-preview for now You deserved to rest a bit
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