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  1. Guys calm the f*** down. I don't know about you guys but i have waited 2 years! Max gave us an update on the situation was more than enough for me and he promised an update this month after all this time!? That's great! I don't mind waiting a couple more weeks heck I'd wait a month or more! I have waited 2 years for this and I don't mind waiting a few more weeks. Grow up.
  2. I flashed nougat 7.1.2 on my phone only so I could continue use Poweramp without any hiccups. (I can not stand using anything other than Poweramp, call me a fanboy or what not I'm just too familiar with it at this point.) It's been almost 2 years now regularly checking the forums and all I have gotten is fake screenshots, fake hope and disappointment. Might as well rename the project from Poweramp V3 to WinAMP 5.0. We all know what happened with WinAMP.
  3. I'm willing to pay TWICE. or THRICE the amount i paid for the current version, if max starts communicating on the forums and actively develops the updates! Does max has a Patreon, a kickstarter ANYTHING!? IF MONEY IS THE ISSUE YOU TELL ME.
  4. Say goodbye to Poweramp then. It was nice having you! Goodbye! Max doesn't care about us anymore.
  5. First of all I'm NOT a pirate. I purchased the app on play store over a year ago on my Moto g 2nd generation. I recently switched to Xiaomi Redmi 3s, the app worked perfectly for the first month but then it automatically locked me out of the app with the error 16. I tried clearing Google play services and store's cache but it's still not verified, re-installed the unlocker and the app multiple times but still no luck. I'm using the official apk straight from playstore without any modifications from lucky patcher bullctap. I'll be more than happy to share more info with a support executive if t
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