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  1. Right there's support for multiple genres (which uses the following "; // :" to differentiate multiple genres) in the app and it doesn't screw up the library. How about doing something like that but for multiple artists. Multiple artists and smart playlists seem like low hanging fruits. Multiple artists can borrow from the already existing implementation of multiple genres.
  2. Could have had any of the proposed changes from the Poweramp 2 days, like changes to the way it handles Id3 tags (multiple artists, ratings) or smart playlists at least, but instead we've got a more colourful eq settings page.. Well done lads 👏 👏 👏
  3. Can someone explain to me why the Poweramp unlocked is using so much data. So far it has used 223MB. My understanding is that the app only needs Internet access to check to see if my purchase is genuine. What else could the app be doing to use this much data. And I have the album Art download off. https://ibb.co/CKz7cK1 https://ibb.co/vPZrwgs
  4. Now that we have got multiple genres, can we please get multiple artists?
  5. Would be nice to have Poweramp recognise Multiple artists and genres using either a semicolon (;) or slash (/)
  6. Might have wait to see if an update fixes this. Update: clearing Data solved the problem
  7. The m3u8 and m3u files are ok, I use the same folder for my playlists and my songs which happen to show up just fine. The playlists work just fine with other music players even the basic player that comes with Mixplorer. This all worked just fine until the last update.
  8. I've also got a problem with my m3u8 and m3u playlists. It no longer reads the contents since the last update, I can see the playlists listed in the library but it shows 0 files in all of them.
  9. I have got a few playlists with songs containing symbols in their album name (Ed Sheeran) but they don't show up in the list of songs. However it works just fine in the All Songs category but not in the playlists.
  10. If i may I would love to see a smart playlist feature added to Poweramp just like Rocket Player has. Smart playlists would allow one to make playlists that can generate its own content e.g. A playlist of songs created in 2018 or one with songs that are rated 4 stars or more (side suggestion: read ratings in the id3 tags)
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