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  1. Now that we have got multiple genres, can we please get multiple artists?
  2. Would be nice to have Poweramp recognise Multiple artists and genres using either a semicolon (;) or slash (/)
  3. Might have wait to see if an update fixes this. Update: clearing Data solved the problem
  4. The m3u8 and m3u files are ok, I use the same folder for my playlists and my songs which happen to show up just fine. The playlists work just fine with other music players even the basic player that comes with Mixplorer. This all worked just fine until the last update.
  5. I've also got a problem with my m3u8 and m3u playlists. It no longer reads the contents since the last update, I can see the playlists listed in the library but it shows 0 files in all of them.
  6. I have got a few playlists with songs containing symbols in their album name (Ed Sheeran) but they don't show up in the list of songs. However it works just fine in the All Songs category but not in the playlists.
  7. If i may I would love to see a smart playlist feature added to Poweramp just like Rocket Player has. Smart playlists would allow one to make playlists that can generate its own content e.g. A playlist of songs created in 2018 or one with songs that are rated 4 stars or more (side suggestion: read ratings in the id3 tags)
  8. I have got an issue with the way it handles playlists. I have found that it automatically deletes entries in a file based (m3u8) playlist after I edited it. It usually happens after adding a song to the playlist. The file m3u8 doesn't get deleted but the entries are. And also selecting a song(s) from one playlist to add to another playlist or a queue results in the same thing i.e the entries in the playlist being deleted.
  9. It's the final month of the year and my prediction of a "just in time for a Christmas" release is still on track
  10. A bit off topic but did you guys hear, Nova launcher just got updated with a new feature that allows you to access app shortcuts from the search bar.
  11. Get it from those developers, why are you acting butt hurt? if you are fine with Poweramp as it is you obviously shouldn't be here. GoneMad? Seriously, man.. You're missing the plot here. A lot of people voted for material design as the feature they want the most and you lot don't quite get it. Besides the fact that it looks like an app from the Gingerbread era, Poweramp isn't intuitive enough, it requires a lot more taps than others. That's what needs fixing otherwise the app is pretty much perfect.
  12. Can't compare Camrys with Aventadors. MS Office is vast productivity software suite with a collection of softwares. Poweramp on the otherhand is a viewer or player, even Microsoft would let you view MS Office suite files at no charge. Your comparison is apples and oranges, there are a ton of other apps on the Play Store that can be used to better illustrate your point.
  13. You can't compare apps to books or CDs, you should be comparing apps to apps that's why i mentioned Nova launcher. There's a reason why it's the top Android launcher app and that's cause of the functionality and support. The model for which apps are sold on mobile platforms is a lot different from even desktop and laptop computers and they're even starting to take notice and adopt those model. Even Microsoft which has traditionally sold newer versions of its operating system is selling your a one time licence and updating it continuously. Even Kanye took a continously updated approach with his last album "The Life of Pablo". I bought Poweramp about 3 years ago and within that period, i haven't gotten one major update and that's this current alpha.
  14. Are you trying to compare MS Office with a music player? It would crazy if Microsoft was trying to charge to get a new version of windows media player
  15. Heard of Nova launcher (probably the bestvapp I've paid for), i get updates every now and then without having to pay extra, same with evolve sms. Having to pay for an update would be a betrayal of early adopters. Updating apps require a lot of time but there's a large of number of developers who do it and even a larger number of developers that do it for free apps. If Max makes the next update a paid update, he's only going to add to negative word that Poweramp is getting already. People would end up boycotting his new app & whatever effort he put would be for nought. Imo i don't think closing the thread would solve anything. It's only going to succeed at holding back angry comments for a free days. You & Max should see the comments here as a positive, it means people still care about his app. If he's seeing this he needs to try to take an hour to do an AMA to talk to people, the silence isn't helping. It would be a shame if people move away from his app towards other music players.
  16. What's wrong with you people and this "entitlement" nonsense. I paid for an app, i didn't get it for free, I deserve to get updates to that app. Other developers who update their apps more than once in two years, do they've two heads?
  17. You need to go take a seat sir... If you're satisfied with the app as it is then you don't need to be on this thread. "Code perfectionist", you know that's just an euphemism for either lazy or can't be arsed. "full time job", you do know this is a paid app, right?
  18. Why? I paid for this app, i expect to get value for my money. And don't give me that silly the app works just right comment or i paid for v2 when other developers like the one behind Nova Launcher has consistently updated his app with new features for years or kids like the Klinker app guys who have continually updated multiple apps while Max can't manage to update one app even after a year.
  19. I hate it when i see silly comments like this, the same person posting this would be the first to knock phone manufacturers for delaying updates but would defend a developer who has an easier task.
  20. Seems I've to limit the number of times i visit this forum to see if there's any news of an update to once a day
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