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  1. Okay, tagging files with R128 tags appears to work, but the vast majority of tools don't use that standard.
  2. Oops, forgot to mention that both VLC and foobar2000 can see them on Windows. Seems like dBpoweramp is a bit broken (see this standards compliance post about beets on GitHub). It'd be nice to have it working, but I'll see if using the compliant tags works. noise.opus
  3. Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 ROM: Stock Samsung Experience 9.0 (Android 8.0 Oreo with February security patches) Poweramp Version: v3 build 820 (Play Store beta) This problem has existed since before v3 officially launched (check my post history). It's worth noting that other Android apps aren't able to see the ReplayGain tags either 😕 Adding them through a ReplayGain app works, but I feel like Poweramp should be able to see the tags correctly.
  4. Same thing happens to me with Opus with correct tags from dBpoweramp, should I PM you the files as well?
  5. It's impossible to see the seek bar for albums with mostly white/light coloured art.
  6. ReplayGain still isn't working on Opus files that work fine on PCs (VLC, foobar2000). Are you aware of this problem, and if you are then are you planning to fix this before the "stable" v3 releases?
  7. Pretty much just the title. This happens regardless of whether they're tagged in Mp3tag or dBpoweramp.
  8. Are you sure the CUE is pointing at the correct file?
  9. I've applied ReplayGain to an Opus file using dBpoweramp and it's successfully read by VLC, but Poweramp isn't displaying it in the track information. foobar2000 on Android doesn't appear to read the tags correctly either. Is this normal? Edit: I'm using build 793 from the Play Store on an Exynos Galaxy S7.
  10. This beta will be released to the Google Play Store?
  11. Great, so is there going to be another community poll for v4 features? Of course this is assuming you are continuing Poweramp development.
  12. Max said this around a year ago: Good one: everything works and I'm on finishing steps. So why is stuff still not working?
  13. If everything worked around a year ago and Max was just working on device-specific optimisations, why not just release the new UI as an alpha build only on the forum? That way people who know the issues could download it and people who want to stay on the current alpha could also do that.
  14. Yeah, but then you also have the Blizzard-esque companies that have games in development for years and cancel them because they didn't feel good enough to ship. Sounds good. OK, Dec 25 seems reasonable Still, going by the massive delays this project has experienced so far I'll hope for a June 2018 release haha
  15. It's probably much easier to create a music player based on existing libraries than custom-building all of the frameworks required to have hi-res output on tens of devices. Creating a standard API to make everything skinnable is probably also more difficult than having a set interface. It's also highly likely that Max has a day job as well, so if he was busy he wouldn't be able to spend as much time as normal working on it. I don't think Poweramp would sell enough consistently to earn enough to live on. I'm not saying that it's not disappointing to have ETAs constantly being pus
  16. Not what I was expecting given the previous mock-ups, but it's decent. I'm hoping there will be a way to customise the gestures and layout, but it's most likely not going to happen. Edit 1: Looks like a Samsung device, so hopefully this means the driver problems have been fixed and a release will be out soon. Also, thanks @clever_man
  17. Poweramp is the only reason I'm not upgrading my phone to Android Nougat. I don't want to risk it breaking when it's working on Marshmallow, so I'm stuck with security updates from December of 2016.
  18. Turn DVC off and Atmos should work.
  19. I can't say I've had problems with album art not displaying at strange aspect ratios except on the library screen where it distorts itself into a square. Have you tried clearing the album art cache?
  20. Thank you for the update. It's really great to see that development is moving along, even if estimated times are pushed back from what was previously expected Do you have any plans to add a dark mode?
  21. This has already been discussed in the testing forum, but I'll repost it here. The S7's volume output for headphones is abnormally low when not using the hi-res audio output. Disabling DVC seems to help slightly, but it's still not as loud as the stock players unless I push the preamp all the way up. The hi-res output is as loud as the stock output with preamp at default settings. Details: Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F (Exynos) Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, December 2016 Security Updates, stock TouchWiz, not rooted. Poweramp build 703, Google Play. MusicFX and
  22. I don't have any problems with playing 24-bit 192kHz files using the Hi-Res audio output on my Samsung Galaxy S7.
  23. As much as I love Poweramp, if there isn't a dark mode or black skin available in the next alpha I might have to either hold back from updating or switch to a different app as I have everything else on my phone set to a dark theme. Having a mostly black interface also helps when using the app at night. Skins are currently disabled, so I'm not really expecting there to be a dark skin in the alpha test (but I'm still kind of hoping there will be one). Can Max perhaps include a dark mode and maybe a accent colour selector (if applicable) in an update some time in the future if they're not i
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