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  1. I need equalizer like what neutron implement (or at least 20+ bands). people need it to reduce some peaks on iems
  2. hires option available on international (exynos) galaxy s5 with stock firmware. what can i provide to help so hires also available on lineage os?
  3. I'd love to arrange my playlists but some of my music titles and artist are japanese, so sometimes I don't really know what song is this unless I can see the album art. And to counter this, I build my playlist outside Poweramp and then I import them. But sometimes I play some random music with Poweramp and put them in the playlist i've made before. The problem is when I want to rearrange playlist, I have export them and import the exported playlists to media storage using 3rd party app, and that's a hassle. So can you add feature to export playlist directly to media storage or make album art visible for every music file, or both! Thank you
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