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  1. Yes, but under settings / audio / output / hi-res output it shows now 16bit 48kHz and before was 24bit 192kHz. For bluetooth devices with dedicated DAC too. Fiio BTR3 32bit 384kHz and Sony SBH20 24bit 96kHz only show 16bit 44kHz now.
  2. 1 - Sony Xperia 1 (J9110) 2 - 55.1.A.0.748 Stock Android 10 3 - Attached 4 - 11:18:05.356 v3-build-860-arm64-play Device: Sony Sony J9110 J9110_EEA msmnile [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi] FAILED to read=/vendor/etc/audio_output_policy.conf reading=/vendor/etc/audio_io_policy.conf has direct_pcm_24, sampling_rates=44100|48000|96000|192000|384000 AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_DIRECT direct_pcm_24 has direct_pcm_24 formats=AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_24_BIT_PACKED|AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_8_24_BIT|AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_32_BIT FLAG_VARIANT_DIRECT_HD via direct_pcm_24 forcing FLAG_DLFCN FLAG_NEEDS_DEEP_BUFFER FLAG_NEEDS_EXTRA_SLEEPS USB can handle Hi-Res - sdk=29 OK flags=0x874616600000000 FLAG_VARIANT_DIRECT_HD FLAG_SUPPORTS_PCM_8_24 FLAG_SUPPORTS_PCM_24 FLAG_SUPPORTS_PCM_32 FLAG_SUPPORTS_UNITY_GAIN_STREAM FLAG_SUPPORTS_USB FLAG_NEEDS_EXTRA_SLEEPS FLAG_SUPPORTS_LDAC FLAG_DLFCN FLAG_NEEDS_DEEP_BUFFER FLAG_ALLOW_DVC_EFFECT FLAG_BT_DVC_EFFECT INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_384K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_192K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_96K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_48K INTERNAL_OUTPUT_FLAG_SR_44K @maxmp audio_io_policy.conf
  3. @maxmp I know that there's nothing special about Xperia 1, but in the latest versions it stopped to show the capabilities of adapters (HTC adapter is 192kHz 24bit) and bluetooth DACs, like Fiio BTR3 (32bit 384kHz) Every device is shown as 44kHz 16bit. By the way, thanks for the info. I'll upload the archives as soon as possible. I'm with Poweramp since it was launched and it's very appreciated for me.
  4. Any predictions for adding support for Hi-Res output on Sony Xperia 1?
  5. Sony Xperia 1, Android 10. Poweramp do not show HTC adapter as 24bit 192kHz anymore.
  6. Sony Xperia 1 (Android 10) using HTC 3.5mm adapter now only shows 16bit 44kHz. (it was 24/192kHz)
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