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  1. Is there a way to assign profile to specific device and not by generic output type. I have two bluetooth listening device, I want to have separate profile for the two.
  2. I know it's disabled in Alpha version. What I'm talking about is that dark theme color on Setting menu theme is not black and we need black color theme if max enable/fix the later update. (That color is standard for dark theme though)
  3. +1 I've been waiting for auto sync lyrics since v2.
  4. I don't know if this is a bug or not. My phone have an option to skip/previous track using volume rocker when screen is off. This doesn't work with Build 790. Any idea @andrewilley?
  5. If @maxmp fix dark theme, we need black theme as well. No, the current setting dark theme is not black, it's grayish black. But theme is not my priority in that list, either option 2/3 is in my priority.
  6. I know, but the convenience/aesthetic of just tapping a single button is not there.
  7. This 790 build is so good. I have no problem using as a daily driver. OpenES SL HD works fine. No problem with lockscreen playback (with or without enabling Android Lockscreen, blur lockscreen or not). But I have some suggestions 1. Next/Previous button or an option to go back to 0:00 without swiping the progress bar is highly recommended. Small <> symbol (size of pause button) will not hurt the visual candyness. 2. An option to go back to Main Player by swiping up from mini player will likely make the player more intuitive and smoother. Anyway, thanks to @maxmp for his hard work and dedication.
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