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  1. 25 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    Generally, I think you want secondary sort setting (there is a hidden secondary sort field already, for example, year + name for albums). This is quite possible, adding to the backlog. Thanks!

    I'm not sure I understand, but possibly, yes. Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

    I'll try to elaborate more on my request to further eliminate any possible misunderstandings, I wouldn't want u to waste ur time. 

    I want that in the "albums" list/category, albums by Eminem are located at "E" so after deadmau5's and before Green Day's albums. And Eminem's albums should then be sorted by year so that the Slim Shady LP (1999) shows up before the Marshall Mathers LP (2000), even tho the "M" from "Marshall" alphabetically comes before the "S" from "Slim".

  2. 51 minutes ago, blaubär said:

    That has been proposed with a generic sort functionality by @andrewilley , see above.

    What r u trying to tell me with that? That I should've looked for others requesting the same before posting my own thread? If so I'd like to point out that andrewilley posted that in April, this thread is from February.

  3. 3 hours ago, blaubär said:

    Or do you want to do a multiple  sort of all albums, first by Album artist, then by year ?

    Exactly, that's it. I have the list "all albums" sorted by "album artist" and I want to keep that and I mostly try to solve the problem, that sometimes an album is titled "xyz" and the next album from that artist is "xyz 2" and then Poweramp lists "xyz 2" before "xyz". Especially (but not exclusively) for audio books, that sucks. (Of course, I could tag "xyz" as "xyz 1", but that's just wrong, it is not the real title of the album and it bugs me. This + the addition of this multiple sorting being a useful addition from other perspectives as well, made me request it.)

    Sorry if my previous response came across as rude, but with my sometimes limited English skills it's kinda hard to explain what it is that I want and being therefore unable to get my point across is very frustrating.


  4. About the album art: in the list view it just loads thumbnails, right? So album art of a lower resolution wouldn't really improve loading/caching significantly, would it?


    Edit: Wait.. Did u do anything to it? It seems to be better, but that could be placebo

  5. 47 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    @LPW00 is this for SoX resampler or SW resampler is enabled (Settings / Audio / Resampler). Does this happen for opus files only? Do you use hi-res output, and if so, what is your sampling frequency (44.1/48/96/192, etc.)? Thanks!

    Sox, cutoff frequency ratio is 99%, Dither is set to shibata. It seems to happen on flac too. High Res output is still not working on my phone so just standard opensl es output. 48kHz, since all opus tracks are 48kHz, any other frequency wouldn't make sense.

  6. 1 hour ago, maxmp said:

    What exactly happened? If that was a track skip, are you sure track exists on the device, recognized and you can manually start it to play? Thanks!

    Here u can see, that it claims it can't play the song, after that message it skipped, I swiped back and as u can see the second screenshot shows, it is playing, it's 12 seconds in. But also notice how while in the notification it's accurate on the player it's still.stuck at 0. This is happening a lot less on 835, as on 834 it was happening on every 3rd track, now it's just once in a while. 



  7. 1 hour ago, maxmp said:

    @LPW00 Poweramp has no problem to cache huge number of covers forever, but unfortunately, there are limits on available per-app memory (RAM). This memory limit does not strictly depend on actual device memory (OP1 has 3gb which is more than OK), but on Android per-app limits. These limits were pretty low back on Android 5-6 days, now they are much more flexible.

    As I can see you're on OP 1 @ Android 6.0, which can cache 153.6mb of images = 154 images in total  (or 307 images if RGB 24-bit is off). Actual loaded # of images will be a bit smaller. Unchecking Settings / Album Art / Use 24-bit RGB option will help a bit with number of cached images.

    I am impressed that u know I'm using a bacon, it does however run Pie.

  8. 21 minutes ago, SynekPablo said:

    The speed with which album arts are loaded depends on your device.

    I have my album arts all in HD resolution and the loading speed has no delay.

    If the album arts do not load fast enough for you then it's not because of Poweramp, but because your memory does not work fast enough. 

    That would be a reasonable explanation, if other apps didn't load them faster/ cached the longer

  9. Thanks for figuring my problem. out so quickly.

    I hope this is the right place to ask for this: Can the loading and caching of album art be improved somehow? I've got 311 albums on my phone currently and it's loading them very slow, and they don't stay for long. If I scroll down to see the last few album arts loading, and then go up again, the album arts at the top have already been replaced by Poweramp's placeholder again. I guess what I'm asking here would kinda break changed album arts appearing immediately tho... Maybe a toggle, for old devices like mine?

  10. 13 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Again, if you find some track not played correctly, please share the failing track (via in app Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com) for tests. Thanks!

    Also, do you use SoX resampler? SoX was updated recently too, and I already identified and fixed few bugs in it, but it seems SoX may affect that skipping behavior you're describing. Does it help if SW resampler is enabled?

    @LPW00 btw I got your track, thank you, and there is zero issues with it for build 834.. Are you sure that’s the one failing?

    @SynekPablo there were few issues with codecs causing gapless failures in build 833, but for 834 all gapless test cases pass OK. Can you please send 2 files which fail to be gaplessly played for you? Thanks?

    It's not track related and no track fails every time, it's just like every 4th track I wanna play randomly don't work and it skips to the next, if I swipe back, the track most likely starts playing with (next to) no issues. It's just annoying when u'r listening to music while u do something that requires both hands so u can't adjust the track and Poweramp decides to just skip track 2 - 6 from ur selected album.

  11. 11 hours ago, maxmp said:

    Could you send me one of such tracks (you can do it directly from Poweramp lists / long press track / Send / Gmail / gpmaxmpz@gmail.com) for tests? Thanks!

    What kinda song would u prefer lol

    Edit: can't do anything wrong with Jimi Hendrix, amirite?

    Edit2: I just noticed it happens with flac titles too. I thought all my music was converted to opus but apparently I forgot some and it had the same issues. So maybe it's format unrelated? Idk I only use these two formats.

  12. I have a 32 bit device. I have my whole library in .opus and recently I've noticed Poweramp randomly skips tracks or displays a toast that the file is unplayable, yet still plays it (also the play time counter seems to be stuck at 0:00 when that happens and sometimes the wave seekbar stays flat). Force closing Poweramp fixes it momentarily.

  13. On 9/1/2018 at 9:46 PM, maxmp said:

    @Pranavpauskar I don't think I can reproduce this on my OnePlus 5, though it's 5T on stock 5.1.5 ROM. All OnePluses on stock ROMs support hi-res in Poweramp, starting from OnePlus One (1st variant) ending with OnePlus 6.

    I guess u ain't gonna bother with custom ROMs for the OnePlus One, amirite? Because official ROM is stuck on marshmallow 6.0 while the majority of bacon users are probably using anything from nougat 7.1 to pie 9.0. And on all of those, hi res output doesn't really work. Except for opensl hi res via Bluetooth, alltough also very limited. That's sad because the hardware potential is there. Maybe it's a ROM issue, in that case, would u mind taking a look at the source of posp (it's the first pie ROM that got released and others are more or less based on @agent_fabulous' pie port, aka. posp). https://github.com/PotatoDevices 

    It'd be brilliant if u could help us bacon users, knowing the potential is there but being unable to use it, sucks.

  14. What I think is weird, is that even if u switch from one track to another which have the same album cover, the colour scheme in the notification is different sometimes. I know such stuff doesn't have high priority and it shouldn't, but maybe if u have some time left after fixing the important stuff (like opensl hires output via headphone jack on my OnePlus One running Pie) u could take a look at this..



  15. On 8/23/2018 at 5:57 PM, fahim said:

    According to me, logo/icon is an app's identity.. and identity should not be changed..

    Oh please. Icons and logos get updated all the time. And with that huge redesign the identity of Poweramp has changed anyways. From a niche product that people use who just really care about audio quality and can live with outdated UIs to a high quality audio player that's attractive to the masses. I think the icon should reflect that change.