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  1. Have you tried closing and opening the app again? If that works try rebooting once. If both works then the problem is kinda fixed I guess. Just let me know what happens.
  2. Well that sucks. Hope the devs fix it up because most of the time I'm on my Bluetooth headphones and it's really annoying to turn on the phone everytime I want pause or change the song.
  3. Do you experience the same issue even after the reinstallation or is it rectified?
  4. Ya I totally agree with you. With formats like MP3 most of the quality would've been lost already. Also ive heard the DAC plays a major role when it comes to good quality and lossless output. All I wanted to mention was that the hi-res Support is present but I cant turn it on. Anyway I posted it on the other forum and thank you for the detailed reply.
  5. Hi. I have OnePlus 2 running on Lineage OS 15.1 with bluebolt custom kernel, Poweramp V3 build 793. When connected to a Bluetooth headphones, I am not able to play/pause or skip to next or previous songs. Only the volume can be changed.
  6. I'm not sure @clever__man and correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've heard it should be able to if you are in stock rom.
  7. I'm running beta V3 build 793. Requesting hi-res audio support for Lineage OS 15.1.
  8. Hi. I'm using OnePlus 2 running on LOS 15.1 with blue bolt custom kernel. Even though there is an option to select hi-res audio, when I do so it doesn't show 'active.' instead the toggle switch gets turned on but the opengl output will still be active.
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